Wants priority:
1) Loose NF Con Lady Jaye (or a carded one to open - not autographed version)
2) Carded Mint FSS 4.0 Law & Order
3) Vintage Tiger Force Skystriker Helmet & visor
4) Con Exclusives 2002 Crimson Twins (O-Ring)
5) Con Exclusives 2009 Crimson Twins (25th style)
6) 25th Fixed Arms Clutch
7) Convention Flint (Vacation in the Shadows - O-Ring Style)
8) Loose Complete Renegades Tunnel Rat or suspenders accessory (fodder)

Also looking for 2004 Convention Tiger Ray & Wreckage.

I don't have a lot to trade but I did pick up an extra 6" Marvel Legends Deadpool that am wanting to trade.
Message me if interested. Thanks!