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Thread: FSS 6 Ideas

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    FSS 6 Ideas

    Here is my wish list for FSS 6
    1. Blizzard
    2. Fast Draw
    3. Countdown
    4. Stalker '89
    5. Laser- Viper
    6. TARGAT
    7. Hydro or Toxo-Viper
    8. Lightfoot
    9. Dojo
    10. Rampart or Subzero
    11. Cobra Incinerator or Snow Serpent '91
    12. SAF Moondancer
    13. Ghostrider, Mara, Hector Ramirez

    Ideas? Suggestions?

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    Okay there are 19 figures from 1987 that have not been updated. ASSUMING we get BF 2000 in the Con Set That leaved 12 remaining. If we knock off Dress Blues Gung Ho (yes I want him, but we have Gung Ho updated and I am working on the two year restriction. So yes I am going to be greedy and selfish since this is my ideal FSS 60 (and 7.0 even though that wasn't asked). I am willing to give up half a con set to another faction/era, but we really do need to complete 1982-1987 at a minimum...

    FSS 30th Anniversary Set
    1 Crystal Ball,
    2 Fast Draw
    3 BackStop
    4 WORMS
    5 Sea Slug
    6 Gyro Viper
    7 HardTop
    8 Payload V1
    9 Rumbler
    10 Steam Roller
    11 Golobulous
    12 Cobra La Royal Guard
    13 Big Lob

    FSS 7 (as many 1988, 89, 90 we can get)
    1- Blizzard
    3-Light Foot
    4- GhostRider
    5- Super Trooper
    6- WindChill
    7- Downtown
    8- BackBlast
    9- Recoil
    10-Dog Fight
    11- Sub Zero
    12- Cold Front
    13- Stretcher
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    I would also suggest no foreign figures in the FSS 6 and 7. I personally love the foreign characters, but since there are only 2 years left I would rather have whatever is missing from 87-90 (or 91 which is my cut-off year).

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    Billy Arboc - Ninja Training (Billy wearing Storm Shadow's old ninja suit).

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    We have Billy- buy a Billy, and buy an Ultimate Storm Shadow- done. Easy head swap no need to tie up any of the Club figures for that.

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    I need Grid Iron, Hardball, Incinerator, and Decimator, and for Ninja Force to be complete. I'll settle for just Dojo out of respect for my fellow members who hate ninja force. I want Golobulus, but I don't think that's one the Club will be able to deliver.

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    They said they could not do Cobra La for a con, they didn't say anything about FSS

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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    We have Billy- buy a Billy, and buy an Ultimate Storm Shadow- done. Easy head swap no need to tie up any of the Club figures for that.
    No way, there's plenty of interest in that earlier version of the character who never had a figure. That's how he looked for most of his comic appearances and the "mercenary" one was, honestly, kind of a let down. Plus it allows us to have one more ninja with lots of awesome ninja weapons. We need an official club representation of young Billy.

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    NO we don't- like Budo (Retaliation), Tan Clutch (POC Greenish/brown), Motor Viper (ROC Nitro Viper) close enough. I wouldn't want any of the remaining spaces for FSS wasted on someone that is already represented in the 25th style. Club Billy is good enough, and most people just head swapped him with an Ultimate Storm Shadow that wanted him in Storm Shadow garb. Now if you found a way to work the figure into a Con Set that gives us somewhere near half of the figures from the years 87-90 I might be okay with it. Otherwise, we might as well bring in a few more IDW characters, or International/Action Force, or Valor vs Venom, Spy Troops, Extreme, AT etc. Another Billy is not important when all the figures I have listed have not been given the 25th treatment and what you want is a simple kit bash custom.

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    I know everyone has their own opinions and wants list. While I agree that to do another BILLY ARBOC is a waist of space in another fss, but don't take it that I hate the ninjas either. I have been openly asking for either 3 or 7 packs to finish the ninja force /battles sets for those of us who want these figures. But I'm getting off the point so here is my wish list for the fss 6.0
    1. BUDO v1
    3. ROOK
    4. DOJO
    6. FRIDGE
    7. MUNITIA
    9. DART
    10. ROCK AND ROLL v2
    13. GLOBULUS