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Thread: What are your 25 unproduced must have figures?

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    That's okay the rule of "can't have any ME UPDATES ALREADY" seems to be getting ignored. I would have picked Clutch v2, RnR V2 and Stalker V2 also, but my rule was if they had an update they were out.

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    dayton Oh
    Ok let me try this again within the rules.
    1. Sparks
    2.Big Lob
    6.Cool Breeze
    7.Agent Faces
    7.High Tech
    12.Six Shooter
    13.Venomus Maximus
    14.Dr. Linc Talbot
    15.Long Range
    16.Cross Hairs
    17.Red Spot
    18.Depth Charge
    19.Alexander McCullan
    20.Pit Viper
    21.Med Vper
    23.Roddy Piper

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    There's a lot of IDW characters in there, KordR. After reading that, I'm surprised not to see Billdocker, Dr. Horvath, Vikrim Khalikan, and Oda Satori in there.
    There's a bunch of great characters that have never/will never see figure form from Hasbro, like Krake and the Mad Monk. Maybe I went a bit overboard with the IDW folks, but they really has some cool new characters and stories. I really liked the Tripwire and mainframe modern military updates.

    Lastly, get those guys out of dive suits! Deep Six and Torpedo should have non-dive suit figures! I was always frustrated that I couldn't use them much as a kid, unless it was a water mission. Cutter and Shipwreck could go anywhere, but Deep Six and Torpedo always had to stay back at headquarters.

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    I totally hear you about the non-diver uniforms. When they gave Wet Suit the non-diver camouflage field op fatigues and booney hat, in the Mission Brazil II set, I was immeasurably happy. That was 2010. I thought for sure by now that Torpedo would have received a land functioning field dress uniform too by now. That Wet Suit version is just awesome, maybe my top 5 modern era of all-time.
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    Hahahha, you didn't use him like in G.I. Joe #16- "Night Attack". Where he is part of the team of Joes trying to stop Cobra at the Federal Reserve, in complete diving! It shows when Hama was starting out he didn't have the latitude with certain characters Hasbro wanted included. I can see this at discussion that took place...
    Hasbro:"So Torpedo is a new guy, we want him in the next issue"
    Hama: "The next issue is set in DC, at the US Treasury. I'll give him his naval uniform and include him"
    Hasbro: " No he has to look like the figure, kids have to recognize that's Torpedo! I need Torpedo!"
    Hama: " Umm , okay, I will put Torpedo in dressed as the figure"

    Result, Torpedo shooting a spear from his spear gun at Cobra inside the Federal Reserve or US Treasury dressed in his diving gear, including flippers. One of the funniest things I have ever seen...

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    There was a land version of Torpedo in the Spy Troops line. I know that's not ME, but it's close...

    As for my 25, here we go!
    1. Fast Draw
    2. Incinerators
    3. Lightfoot (v.1 and 2 NF!)
    4. Snow Serpent v.2
    5. BC Iceberg (93)
    6. BF 2000 (all 7 of em!)
    7. Remaining Tiger Force figures, including international releases
    8. Remaining Slaughter's Marauders figures, including a repaint of 25th Anniv Spirit
    9. Python Patrol Copperhead (original colors)
    10. Mega Monsters!!!! Both!!!
    11. Venomous Maximus
    12. Golobulus
    13. HEAT Viper v.2
    14. Hardball
    15. Recoil
    16. Downtown
    17. Steam Roller (and the rest of the vehicle drivers from 83-2006!)
    18. Nullifier
    19. Track Viper
    20. Ferret
    21. Windchill
    22. Blizzard
    23. Star Brigade!!
    24. Super Trooper!!!
    25. Any other Joes and Cobras not made yet, as well as unproduced figures, like the other Manimals, and the lost 95 wave!

    I went over the number with the teams, but, I want a bunch of figures!!

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    My 25 minus the ones produced, and moving up the rest of the list. This would be an awesome FSS ...hint, hint..wink, wink... After all the others on my list were all produced, why not these 13 to round it out ...

    1-87' Fast Draw
    2- 87' Golobulus
    3- 87 Cobra La Guard
    4- 87' Fridge
    5- 88' Blizzard
    6- 88' Light Foot V1
    7- 89' Downtown
    8- 90' Cold Front
    9- 90' Cpt. Grid Iron
    10- 89' Windchill
    11- 87' Payload
    12- 88' Super Trooper
    13- 87' Rumbler

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    I'll start with these and add more later:

    All are v1 unless otherwise noted:

    1 - Hardball
    2 - Fast Draw
    3 - Recoil
    4 - Backblast
    5 - Downtown
    6 - Hydro Viper
    7 - Astro Viper
    8 - Toxo Viper
    9 - Motor Viper
    10 - Lightfoot
    11 - Blizzard
    12 - Gung-Ho dress blues (v2)
    13 - Payload '87 w/ AMU backpack
    14 - TARGAT
    15 - The Fridge
    16 - Super Trooper
    17 - Golobulus
    18 - Royal Guard

    That would cover most of the missing '80s era Joes, minus a few drivers/pilots (e.g., SectoViper, Armadillo, Sea Slug, GyroViper, etc), which could round it out to 25.

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    Royal Guard
    Ninja Force Snake Eyes
    Ninja Force Zartan
    Venomous Maximus
    Snow Storm
    Battle Corps Outback
    Super Trooper
    Rapid Fire
    Star Brigade Cobra Commander
    Star Brigade Roadblock (orange version)
    Headhunter Stormtrooper
    Bullet Proof
    Battle Corps Law
    Battle Corps Crimson Guard Commander
    Ninja Force Night Creepers
    Mega Marines Gung Ho
    Mega Monsters Bio Viper

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    All are v1 unless otherwise noted:

    1 - hardball
    2 - fast draw
    3 - recoil
    4 - backblast
    5 - downtown
    6 - hydro viper
    7 - astro viper
    8 - toxo viper
    9 - motor viper
    10 - lightfoot
    11 - blizzard
    12 - gung-ho dress blues (v2)
    13 - payload '87 w/ amu backpack
    14 - targat
    15 - the fridge
    16 - super trooper
    17 - golobulus
    18 - royal guard

    that would cover most of the missing '80s era joes, minus a few drivers/pilots (e.g., sectoviper, armadillo, sea slug, gyroviper, etc), which could round it out to 25.