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Thread: GIJCC: FSS 5.0 Bonus 13th Mystery Figure?

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    I also would like to see this on the backs of the cards. I've always thought that was one of the weakest parts of the FSS. I love the old school look on the front, but the back is just a reprint of the front? Why not show small versions of the other figures in the wave, or other club products from that year? Even if the silhouette thing would give away the 13th they could still show something else on the back. I guess in the end it's not that big of a deal, I open mine and MOC collectors probably show the front only, but it would still be a neat tie back to the vintage line.
    looking for:
    tan harness from 25th DVD pack Stalker
    sniper rifle from Retaliation GI Joe Trooper (gray) or female Cobra Trooper (black)
    vintage Backblast v1 missile launcher
    DG Storm Shadow Bow (or similar mold in black)

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    After seeing the Only human crossover figures- my guess: an actual Argen 7 Glenda.
    Which would be awesome, I'll take her, but can't help but think with two years left I would have preferred a hole filled. But then again, Argen 7 is complete sans one file card...

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    I hope not. I was planning on popping that head on an additional Pilot Scarlett.

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    Have you given any thought to showing a silhouette "preview" of the 13th figure in the style of how the ARAH card backs used to show "new team members on the way" ?

    Maybe a full page preview in the Club Mag that has the 13th Card Art in silhouette form?
    That would be a really cool old school throwback don't you think?

    That could also fuel the guessing game which many of us enjoy. Thanks!
    I've said in a previous forum (before FSS 4 came out I believe), as a suggestion to packaging, to 1. use the original artwork if possible (Spearhead, Hit & Run, and Vypra's artwork were horrible!), 2. put all 12 figures' artwork on the back of the packages a la the 82-94 run, with a "Coming Soon" explosion pic for the 13th figure, and on the 13th figure's card back, have that character pictured on the back (so in other words, have all 12 FSS figures' art on the back as they are on the other 12 figures' card backs, and have the additional 13th figure's artwork actually pictured instead of the coming soon explosion)

    I believe I mentioned that the figure's packages would be better if those were on the backs, instead of a faded version of the same art that's on the front.

    As for the Tiger Force discussion, I've always loved TF figures, and while I have favorites and some I'm not too keen on, I would like to eventually see a TF Jinx. The club hasn't really overdone Tiger Force, they've overdone Iron Grenadiers. We've had at least 3 years of IG themed con sets, and 2 of Tiger Force, and one of those had 3 figures in it-Beach Head, Hard Top, and Mutt (4 if you count the Hawk figure from the Zartan set). The FSS TF figures have been foreign exclusive versions, for those who can't get an original Shipwreck, Air Tight, Sneak Peek or Outback. Sneak Peek is one of my all time favorite FSS figures, to be honest. I don't remember any TF figures in the FSS line up this round. And as far as TF remakes from the old molds, we still don't have Tripwire, Recondo (original colors), Roadblock, Jinx, and Dusty (with the neck cloth and original colors).

    I think the FSS 13th figure will be either Jane or Mayday, but probably Jane.

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    My guesses would be G.I.Joe Extreme Mayday, female Range Viper, Shooter or Marissa Fairborne. The Club is going to come through on another great figure. We will just have to wait & see. Now you know... & knowing is half the Battle!!!

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    Oops... I got a spoiler in my last shipment ...

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    Does it happen to be a particular stand announcing the surprise figure by chance.....?

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    Its pretty well known who the 13th figure is at this point. Not really lookin' foward to this one. Have to see how it turns out.

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    Hoping for TF Jinxie!

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