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Thread: S/T 12" GI Joe Classic Collection/Hall of Fame Figs and Accessories

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    S/T 12" GI Joe Classic Collection/Hall of Fame Figs and Accessories

    Hey Team,

    I've got a handful of 12" GI Joe from Hall of Fame and the modern "Classic Collection". Figures are in great shape, though I cannot guarantee completeness. Everything I have is pictured. Also included are a few pieces from some other lines, which include the Green Beret, the SWAT Commander, and the Terrorist, which are all compatible with the Joe stuff.

    I'm willing to trade or sell. I would prefer to unload the whole lot, but am not unwilling to break it up if need be.


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    Please note that the accessories seen in the foot locker are the same ones seen in subsequent photos. Thanks
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    what are you looking/asking for?

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    I'm starting at $150 shipped to the 48, but I have not idea if that is reasonable or fair, so it's certainly a negotiable price. I try to be fair in these situations, and I'll trust membership to do the same, so I'll entertain any offers.

    As far as trades, there's a bevy of ME 3.75 stuff I need, mostly POC/30th and earlier FSSes, with a few random 25th figures sprinkled in. And I can always use more HACKS.

    If you're interested, throw something out and we'll get talking.

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    Any takers at $100 shipped?

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    I'm sure no one is interested, but anyone want all this stuff for a TF Crossover Ninja Force Scarlett?

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    $75 but no boxes? I feel like no one is working with me on this.

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    Are you willing to sell individual pieces?

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    For sure. Just let me know what you're after.

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    I'd be interested in the raft and paddle, but that's about it.