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Thread: GIJCC: FSS 5.0 Salvo - Revision?

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    THANK YOU Club!!! There's always a figure or two I'm "meh" about, but it's always something I can live with. Same with this FSS, but the one figure failing it's role SO badly really had me on the edge, even though it's a character I never cared too much about. Anyways, this is SUCH an improvement, looking forward to subscribing now - you'll have two sales on me!

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    okay, you can take my money now.

    this is a much improved version. other than Darklon, i'm actually rather pleasantly surprised with this series of FSS. subbed. can't wait to find out who the mystery 13th is, now.

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    Thank you. This is far more consistent with what Fun Pub has shown they can accomplish than the original build. It is also appreciated that fan/customer reactions/responses have been taken into consideration. This proposed action figure construction is far more consistent with the character. Again, thank you.

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    He looks tough. Nice work.

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    Excellent. That's more like it! Thank you for listening to our concerns.

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    Now that is the way he should look. Thank you for listening. Well done.

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    I will not be purchasing this figure because I personally think the 1990 line for GI Joe ARAH was awful (although I do own all the originals from that year). That being said, I am really glad the club is updating Salvo for those who wanted a better representation of the character. I was very pleased with the Hit & Run update last year, so kudos to the club for listening to it's members again.

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    Salvo still shows as a question mark on the FSS server, but is shown as part of the line up on the Club's FB. Is this in anyway indicative of the status of approved tooling for the new model?

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    The Club presented the rebuild to Hasbro- Hasbro has to approve the new tools being used. Don't know if that happened or not yet.

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    I was about to ask when we will hear if the new Salvo will be the final version. I really hope there's no tooling issues or anything else preventing this from being the final, I think he looks perfect for what we've all asked for.

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