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Thread: GIJCC: FSS 5.0 Scoop Preview!

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    Here might be another thought....if the club can't make the helmet removable, what about making his visor clear with a red tent to it so we can at least see more of his face with his eyes instead of covering up his eyes completely. I don't know this might be just as expensive but I'm just trying to think of ways we could improve scoop.
    Not sure but I think if the current head sculpt is one solid piece then it's all cast in the same plastic, most likely green or skin tone, and the visor is simply painted on. If that is the case making a transparent visor would require a whole new head sculpt at which point it would be easier to just make a head and a helmet separately.

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    Yep that head/helmet is all made as one solid piece. It's the same one used on the Sky Patrol Airborne recently. There is no way of making it removable or transparent without starting over with a whole new piece. I think the plan was to make Scoop and Airborne with this head all along so it's not changing. This isn't the same thing as changing Salvo.

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    That makes sense. Oh well! Worth a shot...��Regardless of what comes our way, I'm excited to add scoop to my collection.

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