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Thread: Convention 2017 Theme thoughts?

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    This would be an awesome set. BF2000 Vs. Iron Grenadiers would be the third time the IG's have been featured in a convention set.

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    Third in the ME form though the IG's were the entire box set in 2005. So it all depends on how one looks at it.

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    As much as I love both Tiger Force and Iron Grenadiers... they have been done to death. I think we need a moratorium on both for the remainder of this contract between FP and Hasbro simply because the club will have to start inventing new characters to add to them as so many have already been done and there are so many other sub-groups and individual Joes and Cobras that are yet to be done.

    There are still plenty of go-to characters left to do in groups like Python Patrol, Dreadnoks and Slaughter's Marauders to do as FSS additions and con add-ons and, like you said, ENTIRE GROUPS left such as DEF and Battleforce 2000.

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    First, I do agree that IG and TF have seen enough runs even though IG is probably my favorite sub-team. Slaughters Marauders and Dreadnoks both had the 7 figure sets from BBTS and taking that into account I think you're right and they could round off the missing characters in FSS or otherwise.

    DEF had a very successful con set in vintage format vs the headhunters, I think it could be a great modern set as well, BF2000 we haven't seen since i believe 1989 and if done properly could definitely be a nice con set, not sure who would go up against them but there are still great cobra options.

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    Dont know if anyone mentioned this, but what about star brigade? Flordia is the home of kennedy space center... Makes sense no?

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    Star Brigade has been discussed in several other threads. Here is a proposed build-out for a SB set from one of my earlier postings:

    Star Brigade Vs. Cobra Star Force (or something)
    Con Set:
    Payload (1987 or '89 colors)
    Countdown (1989 Colors)
    Space Shot
    Cobra Commander
    Cobra Blackstar (Astro-Viper Commander)
    4 Astro-Vipers
    3 Laser-Vipers

    3-Pack: TARGAT
    Paradrop: TARGAT Officer (gold Star Brigade Version)

    Vehicle 2-pack Stellar Stiletto with Star Viper Vs. Starfighter with Sci-Fi
    Cobra Invader with '94 Tecno-Viper
    GI Joe Crusader would be the ultimate prize or Armor Bot ('04 Defense Mech) with General Hawk (either Star Brigade style or 1991 style).
    Avenger Scout Shuttle with Gears
    (Assuming any of these molds are still available)

    There really aren't that many space-based vehicles or ones that could pass for space based. After reviewing the YoJoe archives I seriously doubt that the club could do Star Brigade as there are not many ME figures/parts that are space based. All of the Joes would have to be completely new sculpts. I think Hasbro should do something like this as a SDCC or BBTS set.
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    I'd be interested in a few Star Brigade figures, but yeah, I'm struggling to find very many modern 'astronaut' type parts. They would either all end up looking the same or not at all like space suits.
    Ive been amazed by the creativity of the club a few other times using parts in ways I never would have thought of, so maybe it could happen.
    looking for:
    tan harness from 25th DVD pack Stalker
    sniper rifle from Retaliation GI Joe Trooper (gray) or female Cobra Trooper (black)
    vintage Backblast v1 missile launcher
    DG Storm Shadow Bow (or similar mold in black)

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    Star Brigade isn't my favorite theme but it would be a shame if the club couldn't do this set for next year as the location is a no-brainer for a space-themed set. I know that DEF/ Headhunters is the best bet as this point but I'm concerned that it might push the boundaries of political correctness and overall taste to produce this for a convention held in Florida (no offense to members living in Florida).

    I've been pushing SB and DEF in the forums, but these potential issues might torpedo these concepts for 2017. My next bet would be a Red Shadows/ SAF/ International Force Set based in the number of UK and S. American characters we've been getting.
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    Does anyone remember the classic comic Hama storyline about a single Star Viper? He was supposedly the first Star Viper and he appeared mostly helmetless in the story and went through all of the experimentation and rigors of Cobra Stiletto space travel to recovere a black box that Mindbender subsequently used as a bargaining chip to get the Joes on Serpentor's side in the Cobra civil war.

    Would be REALLY COOL if he could be turned into a Star Viper leader figure with a removable helmet.

    This is the storyline I'm talking about:

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    I'm hoping for Star Brigade, and DEF or BF 2000 as a second and third choice. I don't want any more Iron Grenadiers, as they've been done over and over by the club. Last year's set was great, but enough's enough! If Star Brigade, they should have the basics like Payload and Countdown, and have unknowns like Space Shot and Effects. Cobras should get Blackstar, Astro Vipers, TARGATs, BAATs, and maybe some newer characters, or characters that haven't been Cobranauts like Laser Vipers. I'm still waiting on Hasbro or the Joe club to come out with a Cobra answer to the Defiant and/or Crusader, and the Armor Bot. A Stellar Stiletto and Invader against those??? Come on, Cobra's always been out gunned when it came to space battles.