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Thread: Convention 2017 Theme thoughts?

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    Convention 2017 Theme thoughts?

    Let's start speculating about the theme of the 2017 convention based on the newly reveal logo.

    I've read on other sites that some fans think it might be a shattered glass set because of the prominence of the Cobra and AT logos. I certainly hope this isn't the case as we only have 2 more years to get characters from the remaining special teams.

    I still think it might be Star Brigade or DEF based on the colors of the 2017 logo. Maybe DEF as the colors remind me of the Shark 9000.

    Thoughts? Opinions?

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    Most of my speculation and indeed my hopes are DEF vs. Headhunters. My other thought and hope is Battle Force 2000 (an existing 6 man team, no need to worry about off hand add on) vs Cobra La (King Golobulus, an updated Nemesis Enforcer, "Scientist" Cobra Commander [pre mutation], 4x Royal Guard, 2x Cobra La pilot.) But these are just hopes.

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    The red certainly could denote DEF.

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    Ive been praying for BattleForce 2000 for several years. I'd also be okay with a "Before he was Snake Eyes", Stalker, Tommy, Ramone Escobedo, Wade Collins, and Dick Saperstein Platoon set, (I still can't believe that didn't happen for the 50th Anniversary.) For the bad guys, I'd love to see updated versions of Red Shadows, with a modern take on Black Major and Baron Iron Blood, but I would settle for Cobra-La.

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    I'd love def vs head hunters, though I have parts on the way to make custom head man and other head hunter figures. Battle force 2000 is always welcome as well. Save for onscure sets that I wouldn't know anything about (maybe except for a red shadows or an adventure team set) I can't think of much else that hasn't been done... Maybe star brigade or battle corps?

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    I'm betting DEF vs. Headhunters. I took a look through yojoe and I hate to say it but there aren't many ME bodies/parts that could be utilized for a Star Brigade set. A significant portion would have to be retooled.

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    Id love to see a DEF vs Headhunter set. So many possibilities there.

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    I'm with everyone on the DEF vs Headhunter set, I would love to see modern era headhunters, if it does go this way I really would like to see a few figures in the DEF set, Mace who only has the 1 version, Not technically a DEF member but Crosshairs for the sniper, and either Longarm or Lightfoot for bomb disposal.

    As a second option I think Star Brigade or Battleforce 2000 are great sets to tie in to joint club releases with the Transformers CC.

    Sorry if this is a redundant post, I made a similar one in another thread but wanted to put my 2 cents in here since it is directly asking about the joecon ideas.

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    I love this idea and if they go with lightfoot (PLEASE!!!!) It would be awesome to see him in colors similar to his Night Force color scheme.

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    I would like to see Battleforce 2000 in 2017. 1987 have a huge gap with a lot of characters that need to be made. You could add in other Joe vehicle drivers from various years as part of the team. Similar to how Freefall, Cloudburst and Skymate were part of Sky Patrol in the 2016 Joe Con comic. I could see a Cobra/Destro team up of drivers to take on the Joe drivers. Which might work.

    Battleforce 2000 Vs Cobra/Destro Alliance- Dodger, Blaster, Maverick, Blocker, Avalanche, Knockdown, Dee Jay, Overlord, Nullifier, Ferrets x3, Track Vipers x3 = 15
    2 pack - Backstop & Super Trooper
    3 pack - Wild Boars
    figure & vehicle - Worms & Maggot(Ret Hiss Tank)
    Mini vehicle - Razor Back (Snowcat)
    Large Vehicle & figure - Hot Seat & Raider(Ret Tread Ripper)

    Or a DEF vs Headhunters set, but instead of version 2 releases of Shockwave, Cutter and Mutt(they still could be included in the comic story though), use Joes that can fit into DEF. Just so slots ain't wasted on re dos of figures we have already. Do the same with attendee figures as well. With a little help from Cobra for Headman as well.

    DEF Vs Headhunters - Bulletproof, Longarm, Mace, Lightfoot, Tracker, Long Range, Headman, Gristle, Overkill, Headhunters X3, Headhunter Stormtroopers X3 = 15
    2 pack - Hardball & Stretcher
    3 pack - Flak Vipers
    figure & vehicle - Skidmark & Desert Fox(Awe Striker)
    Mini vehicle - Moccasin
    Large Vehicle & figure - Vapor & Cobra Buzzard(Eaglehawk)
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