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Thread: GIJCC: FSS 5.0 Battle Corps Cobra Viper Preview!

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    I love this figure. It's always a pleasure when a 90s figure is released with its original color scheme, and not re-imagined into something drab and unfitting for the original figure.

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    Couldn't agree more...After a great start, this figure is a reminder of the worst era of GI Joe. The purple knife makes it so over the top its funny. I'm sure that there are about 30 people that will love it, while the rest of us just get rid of them to the troop builders. I know that DEF and BF2000 are possible future con sets, but I truly hope this isn't a continual color theme. The 90's neon colors are worse than Grandmas old shag carpet. I really hope the club remembers what they created with the Brazil and October Guard sets. They really have an opportunity to make ugly 90's figures reimagined into cool modern sets.
    Agree completely with this. The new figure made from this has already been released, so I guess I can't groan too much about this. I would've preferred to see it updated to "proper" Viper colors, rather than repeat the horrid color choices that were made in the late 80s and early 90s - something the Club made their name doing. I understand why it's in it's horrid color, and maybe the FSS isn't the place to fix those mistakes, but maybe it SHOULD be considered....

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    I would've preferred that they used the entire Iron Anvil body for this figure, but the colors go well with the Con Heli-Vipers.

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    Great figure would like to have about 20 of them.

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