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Thread: FSS 4.0 on Club store?

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    OK, they are subject to change. But that doesn't answer the question of why the initial limit was set at 5 per. That wasn't a change. That was the limit that was set as soon as they went live. I would like the staff to explain why the initial limit was set at 5 Per. If this was a mistake I would rather know that than wonder why and what reason there was for setting it at 5. All previous limits were started at 1 per - is that correct or incorrect?

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    It looks like the limit is off Pythona and FSS 4 figures, so I would guess they had more subs left over / unpaid than is a with a higher production run. They probably felt it would take a while to move them. What you had was Cherry pickers maxing out the 5 on the two most sought after until they were gone leaving the rest. All I can say is I am glad I subbed for Law and Order...