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Thread: Ongoing updates August 2016

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    From what a Buddy of mine heard during JoeCon Heartwrencher has been pushed to next year with the original caveat of dependent on sales of existing items (such as the HAVOC Mrk II and the Wavecrusher with Sub Viper)

    As for the other set best advice is to wait and see if an official announcement is sent out. IT's possible that set is TFCC only

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    FSS 5 Xamot update

    Hello.... I have put the Xamot description back in the FSS. We had a tool scare but have worked it out back to our original concept. We will just borrow the tool from the other factory.

    (Based on the Sunbow cartoon design and Adventure Team: Shattered Glass comic!)
    Features NEW head sculpt. Includes: auto pistol, briefcase containing removable cash bundles, and figure stand.

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    The description for Xamot mentions that it features a new head sculpt, but none of the other figures in the FSS have this distinction. Is Xamot the only figure in the entire FSS lineup that will receive a new head?

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    Limits have been taken off of the remaining FSS 4.0 figures. Some are already sold out.

    Also, we hear you and are working on another approach to the SALVO build. Hang tight.

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    guru toys is preselling the heartwrencher and 3 pack trooper builder. When will those be up.

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    No date yet. We have not even priced the figures.

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    The Swan and Dolphin Resort is currently at capacity for reservations for Monday and Tuesday June 12-13. We are trying to work with them and get a wait list set up. Our suggestion is to make your reservations at the hotel for Wed+ before those nights are gone. We will advise when we know how to get on the wait list for Monday-Tuesday. We also advise that you make other reservations for Monday and Tuesday just in case you have to move to the Dolphin on Wednesday morning.

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    Is there even a remote chance we'll see any updates on any changes to Salvo before the deadline?