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Thread: Ongoing updates August 2016

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    I agree, I do not like Fed Ex. They tend to damage stuff sometimes. I much prefer USPS.
    Agreed. I purchased a defiant and it was shipped via FedEx and arrived in pieces and they denied the claim

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    I prefer receiving my stuff through the U.S. Postal Service. I know my mail man on a first name basis after living here for 5 years. He knows that if my packages do not fit in my parcel locker that I like for him to ring the doorbell and wait for my wife to answer. Fed Ex NEVER rings my doorbell even if I leave a note on the screen door to "Please ring doorbell when leaving packages". I would totally quit ordering from the club if the club were to switch to Fed Ex service only.

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    Hello Members,

    We just wanted to post a quick heads-up that our FSS 5.0 previews will start this week with ordering information to follow!

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    Just a quick note: We are waiting on approval of the images and the group park ticket link for next year's convention. We should have this any day now. We originally thought we would have had these already. Also FSS 5.0 ordering will start shortly.

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    How long will we have to make the ginormous payments before ordering is closed? I want to have the gajillion dollars ready so that I dont blink and miss it..

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    Thankfully I received my last three figures. The boxes were well taped. Sorry for those who got shorted.

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    Looks like the FSS 5 order period will go live on Monday so save your money!

    Also, you can now make your reservation for GIJoeCon 2017 at the Dolphin Hotel.

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    You might want to push your FB staff (and probably Twitter) to update the FB page with this info also. 17,000 potential customers ...

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    These are notes for you guys to have heads up. Everything will show up on FB all in good time. We want you to have the info first by looking here.

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    So, is it up?