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Thread: 2017 incentive figure, your thoughts.

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    Nostalgia, plus he looked like Vincent Price. I gave him a weapon and Nemesis Enforcers wings. He was basically Dracula on Cobra at times. As a kid you have more imagination. Now, I see him more in the role of the Dr hypnotist HYDRA agent on MARVEL's Agent Carter Doctor Johann Fennhoff, who made hypnotist bad guys bad ass...
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    I like oddballs

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    Got to go with nostalgia too. Big Boa, Raptor & Crystal Ball all came out at the prime of my childhood Joe collecting. The club did Big Boa in FSS 1, they're doing Raptor this year; so Crystal Ball would complete Cobra's funky bunch. As an adult, I've become more of a Cobra collector than a Joe collector. Crystal Ball will fill one of those nostalgic ARAH slots.

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    Crystal Ball
    Gen.Blitz (???)

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    I have no clue. He barely was in the comic OR the Sunbow cartoon because the idea of Cobra employing a professional hypnotist was so universally stupid, ESPECIALLY since they already had TWO doctors (Venom and Mindbender) who could essentially rewire a human being's mind to follow them.

    I realize they also employed Falconers, masters of disguise of unlanded former Eastern European aristocrats, but - at least for me - Crystal Ball was always just a bridge too far.

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    Rock -n- Roll ver 2. The concept case was a close version to use.

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    As long as we are throwing out odd ball characters a modern era Sparks would be great. Yet since he was a background character in only a few ARAH toon episodes I doubt he will ever get made.

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    We should probably hope for a character from the original run of G.I.Joe ARAH comic run. I would like to see a Shooter ( female ) or Cool Breeze!!!

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    Hasbro is releasing Shooter later this year after Comic-Con!

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    Cool Breeze would be awesome! However, while originally I wanted the broadest most selfless representation from the Club in FSS, Membership figure, and Con Sets, now I am being selfish. I want the early year holes filled with whatever figures the club can produce in their two year contract (that have no ME representation). Unless there is a glimmer of hope that the FSS, Con Sets, Membership figures and other add-ons will be extended for another five years and continue. So these first:
    84- Tan Clutch ( I am okay if we don't get a true representation of him, for me the 30th/POC version with the Tan Vamp works)
    85' LnF Tripwire (again I am okay without this one, but this is one the CLub would have done eventually. I actually like the International Tripwire from FunSkool, but again, I am looking to fill the holes in the ARAH main run 87-90)
    86' MB Dial Tone (I am okay without a true representation of these god awful colors aps
    86' MB MainFrame /Dataframe( Same as above, I am okay with the club update versus regular colors)
    86' Motor Viper/ Nitro Viper (original Paint colors would be awesome, but otherwise this guy works for me as well.)
    87' Crystal Ball
    87' Fast Draw
    87' Gung Ho Dress Blues ( I would love a Dress Uniform set of Joes, but we have Gung Ho in an ME so I am good)
    87' Back Stop
    87' Gyro Viper
    87' WORMS
    87' Sea Slug
    87' Steam Roller
    87' Rumbler
    87' Payload
    87' Hardtop
    87 Cobra La Guard
    87' Golobulus
    87' Avalanche
    87' Blocker
    87' Blaster
    87' Knockdown
    87' Maverick
    87' Dodger
    87' Fridge
    88' Astro Viper
    88' Hydro Viper
    88' Toxo Viper v1 ( I am okay with the V2 update being the only representation)
    88' Blizzard
    88' Budo ( I am okay with the Retaliation version being the modern update)
    88' Hardball
    88' Light Foot
    88' Armadillo
    88' Ghost Rider
    88' Skidmark
    88 Windmill
    88' Wild Card
    88' Ferret
    88' Nullifier
    88" Secto Viper
    88 Sgt Slaughter V3 ( I am okay with the two we got)
    88' TF Dusty ( I am okay with Felino version being Dusty)
    88' TF Roablock (Okay without we have a few Roadblocks)
    88' TF Tripwire (again I can live without since TW is already in the ME style a couple of times)
    88' Retail Release TF Recondo (one of my favorite TF figures, but I am okay with the ME representation)
    88' NF Sneak Peek (Okay with TF version and original line release being the only ME updates)
    88' Super Trooper
    89' Backblast
    89' Countdown
    89' Dee Jay
    89' Downtown
    89' Recoil
    89' Rock n Roll v2 (hoping for a retail release, but if no I am okay with the three we have (Bench press is Rock n Roll also from the ROC line)
    89' Stalker v2 (again I want, but I am okay with the modern representation of Stalker)
    89' TARGAT
    89' Hot Seat
    89 Long Range
    89' Dogfight
    89' Payload (just one version would work prefer V1 but just one)
    89' Windchill
    89' Wild Boar
    89' Track Viper
    89' SM Footloose (okay with Club version already released being only update of Footloose)
    89' SM Mutt and Junkyard (again okay with ME original V1 update being the only Mutt)
    89' SM Sgt. Slaughter (again okay with the two Sgt Slaughter's already released)
    89' PP Copperhead (okay as we have Copperhead represented)
    89' NF LightFoot (Need at least one ME version and again, I would prefer V1 on him, but I'll take either...)
    90' Cpt. Grid Iron
    90' Rampart
    90 Rapid Fire (although not in neon- POC style)
    90' Stretcher
    90' Sub Zero
    90' Cold Front
    90' Major Storm
    90' Updraft
    90 SF Dial Tone (again Okay with what we have)
    90' SF Law v2 (okay with ME updates
    90' SF' Tunnel Rat (really like him, but again we have two ME versions to get us by)
    90' SF Dodger (an original BF 2000 would be preferred)
    90' SF Falcon (maybe 91)
    90' SF Stalker (maybe later saw him in the stores and didn't buy because I was getting "too old", but thought about it. He came with a huge backpack that made sounds or something)
    90'' Decimator
    90' Vapor
    90' Overlord
    90' SF Lampreys (we have an ME version of V1 in DoCI set)
    90' SF Viper (have the orignal and PP versions good enough)
    90' Tracker (although he may be 89' or 91 can't remember toward the tail end of my collecting)
    90' Dusty and Sandstorm (may be 91 or 92 I liked him (except the Red hair and because of Sandstorm, but never picked him up as I was getting out of Joes then growing up)

    Once the above have at least one ME for me, then anything goes, but until then please focus on the holes. If their is an update already, it may be a hole to others, but is not one for me.

    And I may have missed some, I was thinking of what figures I had as a kid that I haven't seen updates for... Some of the years may be off also. However, you get my point...