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Thread: Cobra La for Con 2017?

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    I'm down for anything other than Cobra-La. That would be the first Con Set since '97 that I didn't buy. Most of the newer 3 3/4 sets I buy 2-3 sets, plus another 4-5 I pick up for other people. Nobody I know would be interested in that, let alone buying it at a premium.
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    Hasbro won't permit the club to use Cobra-La. They are probably planning to include the concept in the 2018 movie or somewhere within the Hasbroverse.

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    How would we know who is in the minority/majority on this? There has never been an official poll or survey of all club members about Cobra La (or anything else).
    For the record, I don't really care for Cobra La myself, but I understand why other people like it. I would think a three pack (Golobulus and 2 Royal guards) released sometime would take care of the essential figures without a whole convention set.
    looking for:
    tan harness from 25th DVD pack Stalker
    sniper rifle from Retaliation GI Joe Trooper (gray) or female Cobra Trooper (black)
    vintage Backblast v1 missile launcher
    DG Storm Shadow Bow (or similar mold in black)

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    I would be all over the idea of a 3 pack. Not sure we need a full convention set dedicated to just Cobra La.

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    I know a lot of people would like to see Cobra La, I for one am not a huge fan, BF2000 would be such a better choice in my opinion, and we already have 2 of the main Cobra La members in modern molds so I think this is a faction that could be managed within the FSS or another club figure. Adding a new BF2000 member, especially if they finally gave them a female member would be AMAZING, i think it's a group that has so much potential that has yet to be realized and a con set would be a great place to bring it out.
    I'd like the club to find a way to incorporate a transformer element to this like they did with the stealth drones that become bats in the 3 pack with old snake. It would be a great way to start some real inter-club collaboration, I don't know if it's even possible but if it is I'd like to see it!

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    Speaking of Battle Force 2000...
    If the Club were to offer them I would want them as close to Phweep's recipe as possible. These are probably the best customs I have ever seen of BF 2.0 in the Modern Era.
    Phweep's Customs on Hisstank

    I would have uploaded the phot, or linked them but the forum is way too picky about images now... Use to be able to upload or link any file, but not anymore...
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    I know the club can't do Cobra La but at this point I agree that only a 3 or 4 pack is needed. I think Battle Force 2000 would better off paired with the Mega Marines as they were tech-based (no monsters though).

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    Those are awesome customs. That would be a dream convention set now that Sky Patrol has been done.

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    It's a subgroup we will eventually need (already have Pythona and Nemesis Enforcer) whether they make it a con set or it's used as a movie villain group or what. There's clearly enough interest.

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    BattleForce 2000 vs Red Shadows!!!
    Does Phweep's recipe look as good as Icecream Man's Customs...
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