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Thread: Cobra La for Con 2017?

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    Question Cobra La for Con 2017?

    Cobra La should be the next set. We have Artic Mindbender, Frostbite, Pythona, Original Law and Order (recruit with Falcon in the Movie) , Chuckles, So here is my Cobra La/Convention AND CLUB MEMBER exclusives. I say Club member, after all this set will be sought after by all the members and some of us just do not attend conventions for various reasons, but we are willing to pay a higher price to have access than the Con goers. So here is my set idea:

    Cobra La:

    2-3. Cobra La Royal Guard x 2
    4-6. Cobra La Guards x 3
    7. SDCC Zarana Re-release Color changing plastic and Artic Vest (got to make her unique )
    8. Cobra -La Scientist (Cobra Commander as a Cobra La citizen from the 1987 movie)
    9. Arctic Baroness (50th Body, better head and Arctic Coat)

    10. Arctic Quick Kick (TRU Black Version with arctic coat)
    11. SDCC Red Jinx unmasked (short spiky hair w/removable blindfold and hooded head accessories)
    12. Ultimate Falcon (Movie colors)
    13. Big Lob (50h Leatherneck body to give him that Basketball height?)
    14. Arctic Lady Jaye (25th Anniversary 5 pack hat less cartoon version)
    15. Arctic Gung Ho (using new 50th with Coat accessory)

    Parachute figure- Cobra Trooper different color/or additional weapon (like in the movie plus it saves costs.)

    Two Pack - Arctic Zandar and Arctic Zartan (with color changing plastic. Basically only have to add a coat to the existing molds)

    Three pack- Morphing Cobra Commander w/ Roadblock (Cobra Commander starting the transition half Cobra-half man, Walking Serpent (can they utilize Spiderman , Lizard sculpt?), Arctic Roadblock with removable Snake Commander)

    Giveaway (plus some extra for Club members please)- Golobulous w/Floating Base

    Vehicle Modern Triple T (real Long shot w/ Sgt Slaughter trainer comes with Duffel bag)

    Longer Shot "Arctic Coyote" utilizing concept case Renegades Desert Coyote (allowing for a future renegades set) (no figure)

    Reuse of the "Man Eating Plants" (Dr. Venom set and 12" AT club has the molds) and 25th Vines as the defensive plants near the beginning of the entrance to Cobra La w/ Arctic Chuckles figure

    Real ambitious- Repurpose Cobra Mountain Playset as MT Entrance to Cobra-La (Does that mold even still exist?)

    How do we make this happen - 1987 Movie- 2017 30th Anniversary...

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    Interesting reply to this suggestion on the GI Joe Con FB page...

    "GIJoeCon (Official) Legally, we can't make this now. :-)"

    Does this mean Hasbro has plans for Cobra La in the shared Universe? Micronauts, ROM, Transformers are all "Alien" lifeforms...

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    my guess/hope would be Hasbro has a retail offering next year for the 30th.

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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    my guess/hope would be Hasbro has a retail offering next year for the 30th.
    Probably a darn SDCC exclusive!

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    That would ROYALLY SUCK!

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    I'd rather have Battleforce 2000 and more python patrol, anyway. Python Crocmaster, Python Destro (pilot Destro mold pythonized as in the comic), python Viper 2.0 (new "modern" Viper mold) x3, Python Armor Cobra Commander, Python Paraviper x2. The eight BF2000 guys.

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    I am down with Battle Force 2000 (although I remember 7- Avalance, Blaster, Blocker, Dee Jay, Dodger, Maverick, and Knockdown who am I missing?)

    As for Python Patrol- meh' I'd still by the Con Set, but only to support the club's efforts. Otherwise it would be a huge old pass when there are so many holes that need to be filled from 87-90.

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    There were only 7 BF2000 Guys (No Girls grrrrrrrrrrr) Blocker though had a variant figure that had a visor. That could be where jyoders19 came up with 8 figures from.

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    Yeah, blocker 2 was what I was thinking. Great opportunity, though, to come up with an 8th FEMALE BF2000 member. Who wouldn't line up for that?

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    I still wish the Club would have the opportunity to make a Cobra La set, but I think next year's SDCC exclusive will probably be the "showcase for the 30th Anniversary" of the Movie