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Thread: Cobra La for Con 2017?

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    Cobra La would be most excellent. Will this include some of the creatures of Cobra-La (like the giant spider)?

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    Well since we couldn't get the set this year from official sources- thankfully there are talented customizers out there like Vega Customz

    and one de-evolving Cobra Commander to come shortly...

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    After watching the GI Joe movie again yesterday I have to say that it was a complete failure. Why the writers decided on such a wild departure from the cartoon and comics is a mystery. There is just no redeeming qualities of the film. A movie based on a TV series should sum up the story and highlight it's most popular characters. This film did none of that and in fact just the opposite. It brought the Joes to such an obscure story realm. I for one have no wish to see these characters take precedence over a more fitting Joe story/character line for Club offerings. Remember this fiasco lead to the DIC series which are horribly edited and voice acted. Also, on the possibility that 2018 is the last Club offering I would hope we get a remarkable and memorable set to cherish.

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    The departure was due to Sunbow having to include the "new line of toys" in the movie. I also believe, like the Transformers they were hoping to completely wipe out the previous characters in favor of the new ones. That is why Duke was suppose to die, but the backlash from the Transformers made them depart from that concept. It also depends on your collecting perspective and goals. Personally, I went the custom route for them and hope that the Hasbro/and The Club fill the other holes 87-90.

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    I get your frustration with the movie but you can't say it was a TOTAL failure. C'mon, Falcon at the Slaughterhouse and Sgt. Slaughter's "we all go home or nobody goes home," scene still gives me goosebumps. We've had two live action films and they still don't measure up to the old cartoon movie. That said, I'm no fan of Cobra-La, but until the members get it, we will never be able to have a productive discussion without posts going on a Cobra-La tangent. Fun Pub has officially declared it off limits and even that hasn't stopped members from blatantly disregarding the statement and requesting it every time FSS and Con Set discussions are brought up. I'm curious what everyone would be talking about if they already got their modern era Cobra-La.
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    I like Cobra law but really we only need a Golobulus and the Royal Cunard which could be a toys r us 3 pack or like Windsor said if you want them make them or commission them. I would rather see other characters made that we have not seen yet. Finish the sub teams that have not been finished yet. I would even welcome characters that have not had a previous action figure release like a lot of comic characters from both Marvel and IDW.

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    I wouldn't mind a cobra-la set as long as I get a Globuls, but with the club stating can't do that now, I would love a Dreadnoks 2.o set vs. D.E.F. but it must have new noks no remakes example ninja force Zartan,Crusher, Demolisher,Rugrat,Machete,Chop shop Death metal. Would go great with the Heartwhencher and stinger set.

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    I just don't think the Club could justify this as a Con Set and expect people not to openly rebel. One character sought after by a small group,one sub group about as popular as Battle Force 2000, but that does not have the completist sub group of collectors searching for them (DEF- the completists are trying to fill 82-90/91 at the latest), and a bunch of never produced Dreadnoks that a lot of people have never heard of. I think it might be viewed worse than a set with 9 BATS in it. I might be wrong, but I would not be interested in that set in the least. That said, I am part of another small group that does buy all the offering just so the club can continue to offer more stuff-(even when I am hugely disappointed in those offerings, as I am only really interested in the 82-90 run with a select few other things.)

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    I argued for a BF2000 or Mega Marines vs. Cobra La set before we knew the status of those characters. With Pythona and Nemesis Enforce already made, I think only a 3-4 pack of Gololulus, 2 Royal Guards, and scientist Cobra Commander/snake CC could be justified at this point. There is not much left for a full convention set.

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    This thread is now closed since the concept was previously listed as off limits and this thread has exceeded its intent.