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Thread: Con 2017 ideas?

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    You want some more 87-90 Joes, how about this? (I've had this idea before, not sure if I posted it anywhere on this forum or not)

    Cobra Armored Vehicles vs. Joe Infantry Heavy Weapons

    Cobra is moving a column of armored vehicles through the jungle to invade (insert name of made up helpless country here). To minimize collateral damage the Joes can't respond with a full on assault. Instead they send a small team of heavy weapons specialists to sabotage the enemy vehicles before they complete their mission.

    Capt. Grid Iron
    Fast Draw

    (Heavy Duty and Salvo would be here, but it looks like we are getting them this year anyway, unless the Salvo isn't close enough to the ARAH v1)

    WORMS x3
    Motor Vipers x3
    (Not sure who else would be in the Cobra set, it's mostly vehicle drivers so far, so we need some good exclusive vehicles for them. Ninja Combat Cruiser in vintage Stinger colors, 25th MOBAT in Cobra Blue, something to replace the Maggot...)
    This works for me! Even though we have the ME of the "Motor Viper ie Nitro Viper" I would love the update to be color accurate...

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    Instead of the Motor Vipers you could throw in Track Vipers and maybe (if the mold still exists) and updated color Hiss II?

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    Instead of the Motor Vipers you could throw in Track Vipers and maybe (if the mold still exists) and updated color Hiss II?
    Yes I was thinking the Motor Vipers would be a more accurately colored Nitro Viper repaint, but you can throw in any Cobra vehicle driver/support crew you want. That is the advantage of this kind of set. How about a team of Laser Vipers riding around on the back of these tanks?
    An updated Track Viper and a black HISS II would be awesome. They pulled the old Wolf mold out of somewhere, so maybe some other old vehicles would be possible too.
    looking for:
    tan harness from 25th DVD pack Stalker
    vintage Backblast v1 missile launcher
    DG Storm Shadow Bow (or similar mold in black)

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    I don't remember foo pegs on the HISS II so it might not even need to be retooled, just painted. Laser Vipers are another highly requested figure as is TARGAT and Nullifiers. The possibilities, and best it closes the number of updates in the last four prime years of the original run.

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    The HISS IIB was a Joe con exclusive a few years ago, and the HISS II has old foot pegs on the back. But, it doesn't need to be changed necessarily, as we still have our old school Joes that could fit on it. There's also the HISS IV from the Joe vs Cobra years, both versions (which is essentially the same vehicle with a different turret and different deco).

    The Heavy Armor idea is cool, and so is the idea of having heavy Joes like Fast Draw in the mix. don't forget Lightfoot! He may not have heavy weapons, but he did have that little tank thing, which I always used as a rolling bomb (I think that's what it said it was on his package?). Maybe have other Heavy Duty Cobra characters, like

    Track Viper/Nitro Viper
    HEAT Viper (battle corps version)
    Laser Viper
    Road Pig (SSF version)
    Flak Viper (v. 1 and 2)
    Crimson Guard Commander (Battle Corps version)

    vehicles: HISS II
    Maggot (if available)
    Imp and/or Adder (if available)

    Joes: Monster Blaster APC (can be renamed)
    Raider (I know, but I can wish!)

    Road Pig can be on a rampage or something, looking for Zarana, and Cobra Commander sent out a heavy assault squad to capture him before the Joes discover their secret plans (whatever they are). Crimson Guard Commander is tasked with the team to find and neutralize Road Pig, who stumbles into the Joes, demanding Zarana's release (and the Joes are confused because they don't even have her).

    The Joes then do the "I knew Cobra was up to something" thing just as CGC comes into the clearing, not realizing the Joes are there.

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    Defeats the purpose of filling in holes from 87-90 to complete the oldest years first. And the little threaded robot for Lightfoot was a mine scanner

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    Mine scanner, bomb, whatever. Imagination rules when you're a kid.

    On a related to this topic note, I posted a poll to see what everyone would want to see in 2017. Not an official poll, but I tried to get most of the ones mentioned. Had to combine a couple of different things to fit them all in. Have at it, maybe the Admins will look at it and get an idea about what to do for next year if they don't already have the ball rolling on it...

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    I think you will find we have diverse tastes because there are 35 yrs of the little guys and 50 yrs overall of toys to choose from. What this tells me is 2 yrs ISN'T ENOUGH!!!!

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    I'm all in for the G.I.Joe Extreme them set. Tiger hawk helicopter. Thunder Fury Tank would be nice.

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    Here's another one:

    DEF vs. Headhunters
    Bullet Proof
    Mutt and Junkyard
    Law (Battle Corps)- another name could be used
    Headhunter Commander (BC Corps Ver with Green Pauldron) He could be named "Brutus" which was the Brazilian name for the Headhunter character.
    Headhunters x4
    Headhunter Stormtroopers x3

    DEF SWAT Team: Long Arm, Mace and Muskrat
    Cobra 3-Pack: Hotwire, 2 Headhunter BATs

    DEF VAMP 4x4
    Sharc 9000 (based on Water Moccasin)
    DEF Ghost Hawk with BC Wild Bill
    Doom Cycle (attendee souvenir)
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