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Thread: Con 2017 ideas?

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    I think the Pogo would look great in the Star Brigade colors (white/blue like the Starfighter).

    Off topic, but I always loved the Space -themed sets from Fisher Price's Adventure People (Alpha Probe Space Ship, Interceptor and Alpha Star). I had tons of those in the late 80's and 90's and always incorporated them into my Joe Missions.

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    Star Brigade vehicle ideas?? or I like the second one, recolor it and "launch' from Lunar Base..hahaha but they did use the Skysweeper this year so prolly not. for Power Master w/Hawk? use instead of the Invader

    Cobras: use in lieu of Stellar Stilleto of course it just got used as well. well if the SHARC can fly, why cant the Mantis be redeco to be used in space, lose the fans to fight the Joes PM, comes with redeco Techno Viper Moon Buggy..hah


    and these are just a few ideas that would take minimal work to recolor or rearm.

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    BattleForce 2000 vs Red Shadows (we need modern era versions)
    BattleForce 2000 vs pretty much anybody.
    BattleForce 2000 vs Major Bludd and his Skull Busters Squad
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    Speaking of Red Shadows- Galactic Plastics has done a beautiful set of customs, and included the parts recipe on their FB page. Unfortunately, I don't think the Club will have access to all the parts. One of the advantages of having access to other lines sculpts...

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    Let's start speculating about the theme of 2017 convention based on the newly reveal logo.

    I read on other sites that some fans think it might be a shattered glass set because of the prominence of the Cobra and AT logos. I certainly hope this isn't the case as we only have 2 more years to get characters from the remaining special teams.

    I still think it might be Star Brigade or DEF based on the colors of the 2017 logo.

    Thoughts? Opinions?

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    If it's Shattered Glass, I'll be saving a lot of money next year.