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Thread: uss flagg for sale, 99% complete!

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    uss flagg for sale, 99% complete!

    I have a mostly complete USS Flagg up for sale! It is $750 SHIPPED (OBO) to the lower 48 states! Shipping to Hawaii or Alaska will have to be calculated, and international is super expensive, but possible ($300+ just for the deck plates!). PM me for pics (please include your email address for the pics).

    This awesome playset is near complete, specifics listed below. Some pieces are broken (see specifics below), but Keel Haul is mint and complete with gun! Local pickup available in the Chattanooga, TN area. If you live close enough, I might be willing to meet you half way between where you live and where I do. Send a message with any questions regarding pick up or anything else.

    Here we go with the specifics! All parts are included and present with the exception of the following:

    These parts are NOT included and are missing:

    Missile control radar pegs

    Elevator Support (1 side support)

    Elevator bottom support (the thin gray strip that connects the side supports)

    Mast cap (original part not included)

    Y-pins (original part not included)

    Fantail deck rail (original part not included)

    I am including repro Mast Cap, Fantail Deck Rail and Y-Pins. These are reproductions and not the originals, but I'm including them so the Flagg will be more complete!

    Everything else is included as far as I can tell (again, please ask any questions about this, i.e. "Is such and such included?") I tried to get all parts photographed, so look carefully at the pics when you get them in email.

    The following pieces are broken, but will still work when connected (as in they will display as if unbroken, or still function):

    1 missile- 2 tabs are broken off

    1 gun tab (bottom tab on cannon)

    1 tab on bottom of each missile control radar

    1 tab on bottom of crane

    1 tab on arrestor cable piece (I am including 2 arrestor cables, and both have the same tab broken off, but one has the tab still connected [see pic])

    part of the tab on the Aircraft radar (that goes on the mast) is broken (see pic)

    computer station tab (on bottom of weapons control computer)

    steering wheel (2 spokes are broken, but they stay in place nicely so you can't tell by looking at it)

    megaphone-2 are included, and I've been told by the man I purchased them off of that if you combine parts from both you can have a functioning one

    lower mast-top of one side is broken off (see pic)

    Bridge wall-the main wall of the bridge has a tab broken off (see pic)

    main deck plate-there is a broken corner but it still connects and you can't tell it's broken when assembled

    Elevator platform-1 tab broken off (see pic)

    One of the main supports is missing a large peg (see pic)

    I believe that's all, as I said, ask me any questions you may have. I tried to take pics of all the broken pieces.
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    This is now sold!