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Thread: Speculation on 2016 Con Souvenirs

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    Here's hoping we get a chromed Firebat. Cloudburst, Skymate, Maj Altitude, Spirit. Maybe Heli-vipers (Snow serpent mold) I chromed newer Sky Raven (POC) or maybe the club will completely surprise us with something totally new that has never been part of sky patrol. See you all in Colorado.

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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    I'll be very disappointed if we don't get Mjr Altitude, Sky Mate and Cloudburst as the club would be able to offer a complete relatively complete set of 90's airborne characters.
    I've heard others say that there will be more exclusives this year, but I don't know the source of that info. I hope the club pulls out all the stops for this last hurrah!

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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    I've heard others say that there will be more exclusives this year, but I don't know the source of that info. I hope the club pulls out all the stops for this last hurrah!
    I'm thinking maybe a few more individual characters in order to wrap things up, but not too many as I will be forced to buy them all on the secondary market.

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    Here was list of souvenir predictions from the first post and a list of what's being offered:
    1. Sky Commandos Set- Skymate, Cloudburst and either Spirit or one of the S. American Joes. I am not discounting Spirit at this point since the tools exist from the TRU and BBTS versions, but I would rather it be a character we haven't seen before.
    2. Cobra 2 or 3-pack - TARGATS (a perennial request from members) or Laser Vipers (these were in the concept case a few years back and they would make great anti-aircraft troopers).
    3. Sky Hawk with Major Altitude (would be cool since Interrogator is in FSS 4)
    4. Sky Sharc and/ or Sky HAVOC with Aguia Commando or Albatroz
    5. Sky Raven (2009 tool) with Ghostrider
    6. Re-deco of Missile Storm Copter (as a FANG II), Battle Hornet or Night Adder with Gyro-Viper (afterall the original Sky Dive was a repaint of that Character). The original FANG II would be icing on the cake, but the mold has probably been destroyed (However Hasbro did pull the Wolf-mold out in '15)
    7. Paradrop - Heli-Viper (I hope it is not Freefall as he would be near-impossible to find after the convention)

    2016 Souvenirs:
    1. Sky Commandos 2-pack (Skymate and Cloudburst) YES!!!
    2. 3-Pack - Heli-Vipers - Very Cool; I love the copter packs.
    3. Sky Sweeper - Interesting re-issue of the ROC vehicle. You know, I always wondered what a Sky Patrol Firebat would look like.
    4. Sky Striker - Another Skystriker repaint (although very cool) That's 7 Sky Strikers over 5 years or so. ROC Sky Raven would have been cooler but maybe the mold no longer exists.
    5. Cobra Hydra w/ Aero-Viper - The figure was a complete surprise another great addition to my 1989 collection
    6. JUMP Packs (SP and ADDERS)
    7. Freefall - Paradrop (Bagged and Carded).

    The vehicle choices were surprising as the Club chose to add new aircraft to the SP hanger rather than issue newer versions of the Sky Hawk, Sky Sharc, Sky Raven and Sky Havoc. Now I have to dust off my vintage Sky Hawk and maybe hunt down the Sharc, Havoc and Raven.

    I am still surprised that Major Altitude, TARGAT, Aguia Commando or Albatroz were not part the Con line-up, but there is still FSS 5.0.

    GIJCC - well done; Going out with a bang!!!

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    I absolutely love the Sky Striker. It is awesome.

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    I have to say, I am very much liking the Skystriker myself. Can't do the price though. Not now any way.
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    I am holding off on buying the Sky Sweeper, Hydra and Sky Striker for now. I don't know if I can justify $140-$155 for Air Raid (although he is a must have for the Sky Sweeper).

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    What's the 12" Souvenir?
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    Got a guy at the con for me, it's costing around $800 for all of the con figures and vehicles and other stuff. Better than paying twice that on evil bay...

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    I don't think there are any 12" souvenirs this year.

    I reluctantly plopped down a significant amount this morning on the Sky Commandos, Heli-Vipers and Freefall on the outside chance that they skyrocket in price over the next month or so. This hasn't been the case the last two years, but you never know since it is the last Convention.