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Rogue Ldr
Ocean City, NJ
Comic book artist, toy collector
Tile Mason, Independent Comic Creator/Self-Published
I'm a long time fan of G.I. Joe, beginning in 1983 when I was 9 and got my first 'Joe toy: the H.A.L. cannon with Grand Slam if I remember correctly. I was hooked right away. Next I acquired a Wolverine missile tank with Cover Girl and a H.I.S.S. tank with driver. This was happening at the time of the first 'Joe toy and comic book commercials, and I could not get enough of G.I. Joe. I started collecting the comic books right away, and I believe my first issue was 23, with the most awesome artwork on a cover that I have seen so far, including today's comic books. It has Cobra Commander in hood outfit, colored with gold trim and a dark purplish-colored uniform with Roadblock and Clutch flanking both sides of the Commander, equally well-drawn and colored. At that time, I saved enough money to buy Duke, Roadblock, Snow Job, Ripcord, Cobra Commander, Destro, the Baroness, and Firefly at the same time. Shortly thereafter my best friend and his parents bought me a moving-away gift, a brand new Zartan with Chameleon Swamp Skier. It was great. A Christmas or two after and I got all 3 Dreadnoks, which blew me away because I had NO IDEA that they were available as figures at all. I had only seen them as secondary characters in the comic books, and I would use my Duke figure to be Buzzer (who, to me at least, looked just like Duke, with the medals on a same colored shirt and same colored hair and all--to a ten year old kid, I thought Duke had gone Rogue or something.) Anyway, my collection grew over time, slowly, because we "didn't have enough money to "waste" on toys". But those first 3 years are the most memorable to me. I started to lose interest when they introduced the Eco-Force and the colors and outfits went a little too...not military. All of a sudden, soldiers who were supposed to be good at infiltration and camouflage were trying to do so with neon green and fluorescent yellow fatigues! And the vehicles strayed too far as well. I liked the initial 4-5 lines. They were SOLDIERS with soldier uniforms and vehicles, fighting an advanced tech terrorist group with basically standard military weapons and vehicles, and a few advanced-tech stuff after the first few waves, which was understandable.
Anyway, this wasn't so much a bio as it was a good memory of my experiences with G.I. Joe. I am still a fan and a collector, and I don't know about anybody else, but I keep getting this urge to pick up the battle that I last left my figures! I seriously imagine getting my newer figures assembled and have a day of "We're back!" action, with new teams and members of the Oktober Guard and the Dreadnoks joining the fight. I CAN'T be the only one thinking like that...
All kidding aside, I'll be a 'Joe fan forever. I still love Star Wars, but there's a special place in my heart for G.I. Joe. I guess it's the combination of the realism, the File
Cards that delve into the character's background, training, and personality, the comic books (that taught me a LOT about military terms and vocabulary), the awesome toy and comic book commercials which led into the same animation cartoon series. Everything was and is awesome. The comic book series inspired me to become a comic book creator, artist, and writer. And although I have had my comic published as a 3-4 panel strip in our area's Night Life Society Page, I am currently working on the actual comic book series of the same name and story. But I still hope that one day I'll be able to contribute to the G.I. Joe series as an artist and possible story and character development ideas contributor.
I guess that's my story so far. Like I said, I'll ALWAYS be a strong fan and supporter of G.I. Joe, and hope that they will always continue to grow with new characters and redo the older ones every now and then like the way they did with the 25th Anniversary line. But please, MORE VEHICLES!!! And re-release the USS Flagg!!!!


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