View Full Version : I'm repairing a mute Commander, and need help.

12-22-2015, 12:12 PM
Years ago, I purchased a pair of GI Joe Adventure Team figures for 8 dollars. A Land Adventurer and a (formerly) Talking Commander.

In effort to figure out the issue, I opened his chest up, and looked over the mechanism. The only thing that I could tell to be wrong with it was that the pull cord was been broken off or cut. As far as I know, the mechanism works just fine.

I purchased a replacement pull cord from Cotswold, and wanted to know if anyone has any "inside tips" on how to replace it so GI Joe can Talk again. I have nothing to reference, the only other talking Joe I have is a Club Reproduction, which does not use the same system.

Or if anyone can provide pictures of their talking units for my reference, that alone would be a big help.

Thank you in advance!