View Full Version : G.I. Joe: Battleground -- Cobra-La Reborn!

09-26-2014, 06:33 PM
After his defeat at the hands of the Joes, Golobulus knit his wounds, retreated into the darkness, and plotted. For a full year he has been quietly rebuilding his bio-tech empire deep in the Himalayas. While far from the former glory achieved by the Serpent Kings of old, his warriors are still numerous and they have never been more dangerous.

In addition to his powerful lieutenants, Nemesis Enforcer, Serpentor, and Pythona, he has improved his Royal Guard to become true killing machines. Maybe worst of all, he has deposed Cobra Commander and taken a size able Cobra force for himself, modifying these vipers with Cobra-La bio-tech.

It is an unstoppable army the likes of which the world is unprepared to deal with, and it will spread across the globe like a plague... but all hope is not lost. Snake Eyes returns from a solo training mission in the Himalayas with reports of Cobra-La's burgeoning strength, and the Joes rush to meet their eternal enemy at the heart of its power...

Can Bazooka's explosive skills stave off the Cobra-La attack? Will a surprising (if unstable) ally turn the tide for the forces of good? Can the Joes win a second "Clash with the Serpent King?" Find out in the exciting Capture Event!



* Nemesis Enforcer (1L) is capturable at the end of Lethal 7.
* Golobulus (one-star Epic of four-star L) is capturable at the end of Lethal 8.
* Lethal 5-8 are much larger maps than usual.
* Breaking News probabilities have been increased slightly.
* The enemies for this event have been empowered, so expect heavy resistance from Golobulus' forces!
* Good luck! Yo Joe!