View Full Version : G.I. Joe: Battleground -- Arise, Maximus, Arise, part 3!

07-18-2014, 07:58 PM
Emboldened by their recent victories under the powerful V-troop overlord, and goaded by a meddling Cobra Commander who sees profit in chaos, prominent Cobra agents launch terror operations across the globe! A bruised-but-unbeaten G.I. JOE team races to meet them, but are any Joes capable of dealing with the impressive first-strike and combat capabilities of Cobra's Supreme Ninja Master, the Night Creeper Leader? And how can you fight an assassin who can take the form of your own allies? Zarana is out there.

Battle it out in the exciting conclusion to the three-part "Arise, Maximus, Arise" event series during this Global Warfare event!