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  1. Ethan's Modern/Realistic 1/6 Joes
  2. My Modern Green Shirt Recipe
  3. Custom AT Big Trapper Kre-O Build.
  4. Custom Stinger Kre-O Build
  5. Custom Kre-O Ripcord and Recondo
  6. Anaconda
  7. 30th Pathfinder by sparks
  8. Jones Boys' Customs
  9. Manleh Custom
  10. SAND Adventurer
  11. New Named Characters: FLASH & BANG
  12. Frostbite
  13. Topson and Shimik
  14. Custom MBT Mauler
  15. 30th Anniversary Slaughter 3 3/4
  16. Custom Dial-tone
  17. Col. Courage
  18. Frostbite by Crimson Canuck
  19. Metal Head by Crimson Canuck
  20. Cyborg ninja by Crimson Canuck
  21. Nunchuck by Crimson Canuck
  22. Kwinn by Crimson Canuck
  23. "Other" Adventurers
  24. Modified Ninja Force Storm Shadow by jfaria
  25. Custom Sgt. Slaughter by jfaria
  26. Custom Mirage by jfaria
  27. Modified Iceberg by jfaria
  28. General Colton by Crimson Canuck
  29. S.A. Billy by Crimson Canuck
  30. Marauder Slaughter by Crimson Canuck
  31. Marauder Footloose by Crimson Canuck
  32. Ninja Force Zartan by Crimson Canuck
  33. Custom Longarm v2 by jfaria
  34. Custom Tiger Force Skystriker by jfaria
  35. Snake-Byte by Crimson Canuck
  36. Paint Sealer
  37. Female Trooper by Crimson Canuck
  38. Marauder Mutt by Crimson Canuck
  39. Chaos Crew Customs
  40. Croc Master green.
  41. Bushido by Crimson Canuck
  42. The Fridge by Crimson Canuck
  43. Croc Master by Croc Master97
  44. Serpentor by Croc Master97
  45. Thunder by Croc Master97
  46. Baroness/Zarana by Croc Master97
  47. Random minor customs by Croc Master97
  48. LnF Tripwire by Crimson Canuck
  49. A modern Spirit on Joecustoms!
  50. Cutter by Croc Master97
  51. Custom Question?
  52. Custom Capt. Claymore v0 by jfaria
  53. Custom Col. Courage by jfaria
  54. 2014 Custom Class Chef finally painted
  55. More customs by Crocmaster 97.
  56. Sneak Peek by Crimson Canuck
  57. TF Skystriker by Crimson Canuck
  58. Custom Sneak Peek by jfaria
  59. Blank ME Name stands
  60. NF Crazy Legs by Crimson Canuck
  61. Crystal Ball by Crimson Canuck
  62. Secto-Viper by Crimson Canuck
  63. help removing holsters
  64. TF customs by Crimson Canuck
  65. Raptor and Crystal Ball Custom Figures
  66. My Barricade figure
  67. Lightfoot by Crimson Canuck
  68. My Nunchuk custom
  69. My Interrogator Custom Companion
  70. Night Force Sneak Peak
  71. Dr. Isotope Custom Ad
  72. Shopping For Supplies
  73. Cobra Slash by AxonRey
  74. Home brew of recondo and grandslam
  75. Ghostrider by AxonRey
  76. 25th Fast Draw by jfaria
  77. Custom Madness by AxonRey
  78. 25th Backstop by jfaria
  79. Gyro Viper by Crimson Canuck
  80. Backstop by Crimson Canuck
  81. NF Sneak Peek by Crimson Canuck
  82. Dress Blues Gung Ho by Crimson Canuck
  83. Fast Draw by Crimson Canuck
  84. My Custom Henchman from the 2010 Joe Con
  85. Custom 2012 Henchman Troopers on their way
  86. Hasbro's Spider-Man WebCopter for a potential AT ride.
  87. Modern G.I. Joe Jetpack ala Star Wars Rebels
  88. Wolf Squad
  89. Cobra Skycrane Cargo Attack Helicopter
  90. Random Stuff I've Worked on Recently
  91. Blizzard by Crimson Canuck
  92. Bulletman WW2 custom!
  93. New Falcon Microman 2.0
  94. NF Dojo by Crimson Canuck
  95. NF Scarlett by Crimson Canuck
  96. Ninja Force by Crimson Canuck
  97. Oktober Guard WIPs
  98. Fodder Bin Customs
  99. Ive got a question..
  100. Overkill V1 Custom
  101. Shooter by Crimson Canuck
  102. Mr. Sebastian gorman
  103. Custom Character
  104. Freefall custom by jfaria
  105. Budo custom by jfaria
  106. GI Conan
  107. Custom Foreign Adventurer
  108. Custom AT Astronaut
  109. Deep Six by Crimson Canuck
  110. New Wolf Pack Member
  111. Custom 25th Rampart by jfaria
  112. Custom 25th Hardball by jfaria
  113. V1 Toxo Viper by Crimson Canuck
  114. Golobulus by Crimson Canuck
  115. Custom Big Lob by Axonrey
  116. T.A.R.G.A.T by Crimson Canuck
  117. Rock'n'Roll V2 by Crimson Canuck
  118. Ferret by Crimson Canuck
  119. Super Trooper by Crimson Canuck
  120. WWII US Machine Gun Team
  121. GI Joe Green Beret Kitbash
  122. Resolute Rock n Roll by Crimson Canuck
  123. Resolute Spirit by Crimson Canuck
  124. Top Gun Tomcat by Crimson Canuck
  125. Mega Marine: Mirage by AxonRey
  126. Koga Dynasty by AxonRey
  127. MTF Scrap Iron & Major Bludd by AxonRey
  128. ARAH Lt Falcon by Mr Hebime
  129. ARAH Rampart by Mr Hebime
  130. Wolverine "Rain Maker'' by Mr Hebime
  131. Modern Tripwire by Mr Hebime
  132. Modern Long Range by Mr Hebime
  133. G.I. Joe market place: Kre-o action figure customs?
  134. GI Joe Aquanaut Kitbash
  135. Hector Ramirez by Mr Hebime
  136. Project Flagg by Crimson Canuck
  137. Larry Hama Action Figure
  138. Cutter by Mr Hebime
  139. Dogfight by Crimson Canuck
  140. Stalker V2 by Crimson Canuck
  141. Overkill by Crimson Canuck
  142. Ghostrider by Crimson Canuck
  143. Skidmark by Crimson Canuck
  144. Wildcard by Crimson Canuck
  145. The Ladies LBC
  146. Advanced F.A.N.G. and Rotor Viper customs
  147. T.a.r.g.a.t.
  148. Payload
  149. Looking for advice on making custom head sculpts for vintage 12" figures
  150. Custom Shipwrecked Aquanaut
  151. Mainframe custom figure
  152. Overlord custom figure
  153. 100% Vintage Aquanaut Kitbash
  154. Adventure Team
  155. Lost Adventurer
  156. Marine Jungle Fighter Kitbash V2
  157. Plastic vehicles
  158. My Dusty V2 custom
  159. GI Joe Capture Hill 79 Play Set
  160. "Boxed" Uniform for the Man of The Sea
  161. Man of Action: Service Dress
  162. Shipwreck & Snake Eyes :: Pyramid of Darkness
  163. Custom Red Shadows
  164. Satin and her dolls :: Pyramid of Darkness
  165. Flying scorpion con 2016
  166. Argen7 & Cobra South American Villains
  167. Custom Mission Brazil III Set
  168. ARAH characters, made out of 70's Joe and AM
  169. Cobra Commander 1991 by Just Ian Customs
  170. Cold Front by Just Ian Customs
  171. Scalpel by Just Ian Customs
  172. Dish- Communications Specialist
  173. Duke v3 1992
  174. Sparks cartoon version
  175. Anybody know the answer to this? Air Adventurer with two heads