View Full Version : Ordering Fss 5?

03-11-2016, 06:56 AM
Just curious, i know there probably wont be any kind of official response, as its too early, but I'm curious, with all memberahips ending in December, and the FSS probably starting, or being signed up for, if not ahortly after the convention, if on the same time table as last year, sign up was in June, roughly 2 months after the con, so if its in August this year, will the club still be offering installment payments for the up coming subscription figures?

03-11-2016, 08:35 AM
IIRC, in past years at the con in April, the club reveals the roster for the upcoming FSS. Sign up typically starts in late May and goes into June. That's also when the designs are revealed.

Since the con is in June this year, I couldn't guess how the club will handle FSS 5.0. I presume we won't see any information on FSS 5.0 until 4.0 has finished shipping. My hope is that they reveal the FSS 5.0 roster in the weeks leading up to the con, reveal the figure designs at the con, and begin sign up immediately after, presumably keeping installment payments about the same.

Of course, they could reveal FSS 5.0 roster now and be awesome ;)

03-12-2016, 07:13 PM
Probably not until the Con I bet. We still don't know the 13th figure yet.

08-10-2016, 04:38 PM
Any info on FSS 5.0 subscription deadline?

08-10-2016, 10:22 PM
A message from a GIJCC staff on another thread....

"Just a quick note: We are waiting on approval of the images and the group park ticket link for next year's convention. We should have this any day now. We originally thought we would have had these already. Also FSS 5.0 ordering will start shortly."