View Full Version : End of year before Black Friday Collectors' Club Sale!

11-26-2013, 07:17 AM
If you haven't stopped by yet, head over to the Club Store and check out the great deals currently being offered during our "End of the Year/Before Black Friday" event!

The DTC figures are listed at $6.00 each, there are bundles of Retaliation Single Carded figures for $14.50, Retaliation vehicles with their prices slashed, and select past GI JoeCon and Club toys are discounted as well!

137 (https://www.toyarama.com/store/2008-3-3-4-club-exclusive-dtc-munitia-1-figure-p595.php) 138 (https://www.toyarama.com/store/2013-3-3-4-single-carded-figures-wave-2-storm-shadow-joe-trooper-2-pcs-p562.php)
136 (https://www.toyarama.com/store/2011-12-gijoecon-drive-into-danger-convention-boxed-set-1-pc-p56.php)

11-26-2013, 07:34 AM
Placed my order the other day and the tracking states that it should arrive today! These prices are great, and very helpful to the collector trying to get figures that are hard to find. Everyone check the page out!