View Full Version : Idea for a future convention package.

07-14-2015, 10:55 PM
DEF vs. The Evil Headhunters - "Operation Street Sweeper"

As a fan of the DEF and The Headhunter organization as a child, I would love to this sub set make it as a convention package. My ideas are pretty simplistic as far as who I would like to see, so here it is:

Team Leader - Bullet Proof
SWAT Specialist - Shockwave (DEF Colors and Design)
Dog Handler and K-9 - Mutt & Junkyard (DEF Colors)
Undercover Operative - Mace
Bomb Technician - Long Arm
Military Police - Law (in Battle Force Design)

Drug Kingpin - Headman
Urban Crime Commander - Gristle
(NEW Female Character) Headhunter Commander - "Spark" (in tribute of the cartoon "drug" that got Lt. Falcon hooked. (use possibly Crimson Asp head with black or brown hair instead of red and a Zanya or Zarana type body.)
3x Headhunters
3x Headhunter Storm Trooper

Anybody else want to see something like this?