View Full Version : What is the GIJCC: Figure Subscription Service?

07-14-2015, 06:58 PM

Over the last several years, we have been thrilled to offer an optional assortment of twelve Club exclusive carded 3 3/4" G.I. Joe action figures (and the bonus too!) These sets have included classic 80's, 90's, 2000's, international, and never before released characters. We hope that these additions to your modern era collection have filled in many of the "holes". The FSS provides a variety of figures that would never appear at retail or in future convention sets.

Just like our name says... we are a Collectors' Club - made up of collectors that strive to keep the spirit of G.I. Joe alive and expand the hobby. We would love to make everything everyone wants, but...being a club of several thousand...we all have different likes. For example, approximately half of the members want exact remakes of classic designs and decos, while the other half want rare, foreign, or new characters never made before in order to expand the mythos. We hope to eventually get to everything you would ever want, but just as with retail products, not every assortment is perfect for all collectors. However, we try to make something for everyone.

We receive lots of great ideas, (and we thank all that send in suggestions) but some would require completely new tooling. Though this would be fantastic, it's just not economically feasible as the cost would be extremely high for such short run figures. Our goal is to keep costs affordable for club members by primarily using existing molds supplemented with new heads and accessories when needed. We must also work within a budget and time frame that allows the factory to fit our short FSS production run into their larger retail product run schedules.

As you may know from discussions at our GIJoeCon Club Roundtables, or your own customizing experience, not all figure parts are universal. They don't always fit together perfectly or look correct. Unlike customizers who can pull from any figure anywhere, we have usage restrictions. Every item made since the 25th Anniversary body sculpt was created is not always available for use and sometimes, the tools are long gone. In addition you can't just modify the existing tool. If you have a change, you usually have to create an entirely new tool, which again, drives the cost up.

Our mission is to create a balance in the assortments. Every FSS will contain a few re-decos of existing characters/figures and some totally re-imagined figures. Often times, we must use molds that are available from the primary factory at the time of production and that do not conflict with other Hasbro projects. Keeping the cost down and providing all the characters you want is sometimes a tough order to fill. There are many, many, variables.

We appreciate all your posts on our club forums as they give us lots of great input. Many members prefer to communicate what they want via convention surveys or face to face, and never post online. We take all forms of communication and feedback into consideration when we are choosing the assortments and builds. We truly value your opinions because hearing them is the only way to ensure we get as close as possible to what the most people want. Please bear in mind that constructive comments with examples helps us the most.

With your support and continued positive response online and at conventions, our Figure Subscription Service and Convention Set formulas will continue to bring you great selections of exclusive G.I. Joe action figures for years to come!

Again, please feel free to let us know what figures you would like to see next! Thanks for your continued support!