View Full Version : 2015 GIJoeCon 3 3/4" Box Set - Final Sample!

03-27-2015, 05:30 PM

Here is the final boxed set with the lid removed to reveal 15 figures worth of G.I. Joe goodness! Don't forget to CLICK the "Register" link on the 2015 GIJoeCon website get your attendee registration to own this set. AND, if you cannot attend, non-attending registration will also be available.

03-27-2015, 06:41 PM
Not bad giving us a preview of the layout of the Box Set. What I wouldn't mind seeing though and the CLub has done it before with figures is a picture of what the Undertow Officer looks like without her mask on.

03-28-2015, 10:16 AM
Amazing! Can't wait.

03-28-2015, 01:31 PM
Man! I'm so looking forward to this!! Can't wait to get my set.

04-02-2015, 02:02 PM
We are in the home stretch and have been posting a few of the final figure samples on our official GIJCC and GIJoeCon Facebook pages. Here is the latest...


04-17-2015, 03:13 PM
I missed registration by a few days from lack of funds, hence no non-attendee box set this year. Any chance that any will be available from the store when they ship in June?