View Full Version : 2014 GIJoeCon Registration Update & Deadline!

03-24-2014, 02:00 PM
Hello everyone!

Just about 30 hours into registration and here is the update:

The only packages left are:
American Hero (attending Zombie set)
Genera's (attending 12" Codename GI Joe set)
Aides for both of these
Homefront Hero (non-attending Zombie set)
Base Commander (non-attending 12" Codename GI Joe set)
There are just a handful of loose 3 3/4" sets for the American Hero add-on
There are no non-attending loose sets left
There are no Golden Tickets left
There are no classes left
Current coin count is 145 so these will be pretty rare. We will place the order on Monday and turn off this item Monday at 4pm and order the amount that is pre-ordered.

Our current plan is to turn off Attending Registration Friday (3/28/14) at 4pm. At that time, all attending items will be removed from the system and you will need to come to late registration if you are coming to the show.

We do intend to leave the Non-attending sets available to order as long as there is quantity until sometime after the 1st. When we turn off the attending items, we will allocate just a few for late registration and everything else will go into the non-attending order cue as long as supplies last.

Based on the last two year's total set orders, we did make more boxed sets this year to accommodate demand so that no second run would need to be made. Non-attending sets will ship 2-3 weeks after the show.

PLEASE keep in mind that it may take most of this week for us to approve all of your orders and that will generate your confirmation email. Please don't call or email about this until the end of the week to give us time to review all of them. Next week you will get your email about your registration pick-up time.

If you still need to register, go to GIJoeCon.com (http://GIJoeCon.com) and click the registration button.

See you in Dallas!