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03-21-2014, 10:18 AM
Hello everyone!

Registration MAY open this afternoon. This week I could see that the programmers were not going to be able to get the new system far enough along for this event, there were too many things that got broken when other items were fixed. So, we have been able to resurrect the old system even though it is going to have some issues and some limitations. We weren't sure it would work at all since the code has been through 3 server moves since the last time it was used. This old software was written in a language that doesn't take kindly to system upgrades and moves...

We still have some minor items left and the installation of the SSL certificate to get done today.

Here is what we really need all of you to do before you register:

1. Please read the Info tab and the FAQs one more time at GIJoeCon.com before you register. The first information page in the registration system is the same as the Info tab. Write down what you want each person to have that you are registering. Don't forget to make the decision now as to souvenirs, class and tours, so you can do this in one pass.

2. Go slow. If you encounter an error or pricing that you feel is incorrect, do not proceed. Please send us an email from the convention email link. Please note that once you have selected the item, it's in your cart until you check out, abandon the cart or the 10 minute timer runs out. Even by going slow, this process should not take you more than 3 minutes to compete.

3. DO NOT pick Non-member for any person you are registering if you want the member price. We will not change the prices after you complete the sale. IF you are registering another member with you, choose OTHER MEMBER for they relationship to you and you will need their log in and password. Registrations that appear suspect as to the other people's relationship to you will be held at the approval process and not approved.

4. If you have not tested it lately, which it looks like most of you have, please test your log in at GIJoeClub.com/shop (http://GIJoeClub.com/shop), click on the My Account and log in or retrieve your PW there. If it works there, it will work with the registration system.

5. The final price for the solid silver coin is $135. We are going to order as many as you order between registration opening and the end of the day Monday.

6. If you want the Golden Ticket option. Remember that this is LIMITED to one per attendee and each attendee must pick up their package in person at the show.

7. If you go slow and don't try to pick items that you are not allowed, you won't have an issue. You MIGHT get a weird error message on the package page if you are trying to order packages that don't go together. For the GT packages, you can have one GT Aide, For the American Hero or Generals packages you can have up to 4 aides. Pick the major package first and then the Aides. If you have an Aide coming with you, please register them at the same time as this system has no way for you to add that later. Admin here has to do it and it is a slow process.

8. The Bypass option on the packages page is ONLY for adding souvenirs or tours later and allows you to get past that page without picking a package. DO NOT pick this bypass and think you have any registration at the show because you won't.

9. Remember that all registrations are reviewed by an Admin person here and it WILL take several days until you see the final approval email and charge on your card. When you submit the registration, the system places a Pre-Authorization on your card and it is not Post-Authorized until it is reviewed and approved. Try not to make errors as we have a very limited ability to change the registrations in this system and the only option may be to delete your registration and start over.

10. Sorry for the core dump of info but I thought this refresher would make everyone's process smoother.

I'll touch base later today and let you know where we are at in the process.

Thanks for your support and patience!

03-21-2014, 05:39 PM
We are as tired of waiting as you are.

We have been waiting for over an hour for the programmer to clear the test data. It's ready to go when he gets this done. He is remote to us and we don't know what the problem is as he is not responding. So, I'm going to say bag it for tonight and see if we can do this tomorrow after lunch. If not, I'll send an email around noon central time. I know some of you guys are still at work and need to go home.

We have to order the coins on Monday or they won't make it so we need to have you guys doing this before then.