View Full Version : 2014 GIJoeCon Registration Update 3/17!

03-17-2014, 11:40 AM
Hello everyone!

Several items today:

1, We are still shooting for this week for registration but there are some items that are not working to standard yet. Our next target date is Wednesday, but again, that is not written in stone.

2. We have had a lot of people concerned that they will not be able to get the silver coin because the max number we published was 200. This is just a number we picked and it appears that the demand will be higher than this. So, I'm asking for feedback if you would like us just to make the number that is ordered and remove the cap. This will allow everyone that wants a coin to get it. We are taking your comments into consideration at the club forums. To comment, log in and click on the Convention thread.

3. Since the 16th fell on Sunday, please let all your friends know that the deadline to be an active member to receive this year's free club membership figure is tomorrow (Tuesday) morning at 9am. If you are receiving this email, your account is in good standing but we ask that you double check the scale figure you have selected by Tuesday morning at the club store. GIJoeClub.com/shop (http://GIJoeClub.com/shop) click My Account log in and then click the Customer Contact Info and make sure your selection is correct on that page. Tomorrow we will create the list of who wanted what scale figure and we can't change it once the list is downloaded.

Anyone who is lapsed or wants to join for this year's figure(s) and the convention discounts must do it by tomorrow morning.

Again, we apologize for the registration delay. We are pressing the software company as hard as we can. Thanks for your patience.

Thanks for your support!