View Full Version : 2014 GIJoeCon Registration - March Update!

03-05-2014, 06:59 PM
Hello everyone!

We just came back from the Hyatt in Dallas and we are very excited about the show. The venue is wonderful and the indoor parachute drop is going to be spectacular!

We are still working on the code for registration. We are very close and the company doing this work is VERY far behind. We are just a frustrated as you are, but it will get done.

The window for registration may not be very long and we apologize to the folks that don't know when to make the airline ticket purchases. My suggestion is to book your tickets and come for the longest time you can. Worst case if you don't get into the class (which for the past several years we have been able to accommodate virtually everyone that wanted the class) there are tons of things to do in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The tour on Thursday can be enlarged for the number we need to tour. The Wednesday Fort Worth Tour is pretty limited and we can't do much about that as they only have a certain number of Segways.

Again, we apologize that this is taking so long as the new code is designed to fix problems the old code had. And this will solve the problems for years to come.

Thanks for your support!