View Full Version : March 2019 updates

03-19-2019, 12:34 PM
Hello Former GIJCC Members!

We have added 61 new archived items to our online store! Some of these items are really rare as they are the prizes we held back for the past casino night auctions. These include convention bonus items and some FSS bonus 13th figures as well.

We are still going through everything in the warehouse and we know there are a few GIJoeCon first day pins/jackets and that will also be put into the store in the coming weeks.

Don't miss out!

We have now opened the store so that all former G.I. Joe Club and Transformers Club members can order our remaining exclusive products.

PS. Get your G.I. Joe figures while they are still available as we are getting down to the last of the last!

Click here to order (http://gijoeclub.com/shop)