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09-06-2018, 07:00 PM
Hello Members!

We are still going back through the club archives and thinning everything down to just what Brian is keeping in his collection. We are working on this process as we have time.

We have just added over 30 more items into the Club Store! Many exclusives are now gone from our store forever! Don't miss these last of the last!

These items you may not have seen for a long time. Some will be retail, some will be exclusives. This will go on for several months until we comb through the entire warehouse. Please note that for some of these, there is only one. Other items may have a higher quantity. Most of them are less than three.

These items will also come with a letter that it is from the Collectors' Club Archives and it will be embossed with the Hassenfeld Bros Inc. Corporate seal from 1926 (which is a cool mento itself).

We will send an email as new Archived Items become available. You are welcome to check the store from time to time for new items added.

Check out the current upload (http://gijoeclub.com/shop).

09-13-2018, 11:48 AM
Hello FSS 7.0 Subscribers!

The final FSS 7.0 shipment will leave here by the end of September. If you have any address changes (http://www.mastercollector.com/fss/event.cfm?eid=1016), please make them before 5pm on Tuesday, September 18, so that we can prepare the final drop paperwork.

Thanks again for your support and there will be more FSS 8.0 information coming soon if you subscribed to that offer.

09-14-2018, 11:44 AM
Any updates on pricing & preorder launch date for the final 12, Night Stalkers & Ninja Force Zartan w/ Doom Cycle?

09-17-2018, 11:17 AM
Reminder to FSS 8 Subscribers,

For those of you on the installment plan, please remember because of our contract ending, we have to bill both the second and third installments this fall. We will be billing the second installment on Monday, September 17, and the third installment Monday, October 22 (was the 15th but now moved a week).

Please ensure that your credit card is current and has the appropriate amount of money for your payment available by Sunday night, September 16. You can log in and make your changes here (http://www.mastercollector.com/fss/event.cfm?eid=1000001). The plan is to get these billings out of the way so they do not impact your holiday shopping!

We are still waiting on final confirmation of the exact ship date so as soon as we know, you will too.

Thanks for your support!