View Full Version : GIJCC Store Update - Feb. 2014!

01-28-2014, 10:18 AM
The newest items in the club store are:

G.I. Joe FSS 2.0-

2013 3 3/4 Club Exclusive FSS 2.0 #3A G.I. JOE Combat Engineer: Tollbooth (1 pc) $37.50+shipping

2013 3 3/4 Club Exclusive FSS 2.0 #3B Cobra Desert Assault Trooper: Desert Scorpion (1 pc) $37.50+shipping

AND we will be working on the next FSS shipment next week so if you have moved, please update your address using the FSS Log-in on the site navigation menu!

We are still working on the new version of the registration system for GIJoeCon. We will let you know before registration starts and provide notice when that will approximately be ready.

Thanks for your support!