View Full Version : 2018 GIJoeCon Convention 3 3/4" Sets are SOLD OUT!

02-08-2018, 04:14 PM

Hello Members!

We have had a fantastic response to this year's convention for both attending and non-attending packages.

We appreciate your enthusiasm!

Currently, we believe that we will be able to increase the production run for both 3 3/4" boxed and loose sets (attending and non-attending). However, our contacts in China have now shut down for Chinese New Year. We have requested that they increase our production run (which won't happen for another couple of months).

It will take a few weeks until we have confirmation back from them concerning our request. Chinese New Year runs through the first week in March. Each factory has a different schedule as to when they return to work.

In the meantime, if you are interested in an 3 3/4" attending, non-attending or a loose set, please let us know by putting yourself on the wait list by sending an email to:


Please DO NOT CALL about the list. We will notify you about processing your request when the additional quantities are available. You will receive a confirmation email that you are on the list. If you have already contacted us and were told that we have placed you on the waitlist, you do not need to email us. Please don't get on the list 2x. The list will be worked in the order it was received.

Please place in the title of the email one of the following: American Hero waitlist, Homefront Hero waitlist, Attending loose set waitlist, Non-attending loose set waitlist. In the body of the email please provide your full name and phone number. Being on the waitlist does NOT guarantee that you will get what you requested, as we may exhaust the additional quantities ordered.

In addition, the 12" attending and non-attending sets are still available. Do not order a 12" attending set and hope that we will swap it for the 3 3/4" set. We will not swap sets.

The Staybridge Hotel block is now sold out. We are investigating a third hotel in the area, so please watch for future emails.

If you collect GI Joe, you owe it to yourself and your collecting friends to be at this show! GIJoeCon.com (http://gijoecon.com/)