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10-02-2017, 03:11 PM
Hello Members,

The G.I. Joe Collectors Club Store will continue to function as normal. The TCC store is now in clearance mode. Approximately every week the prices will drop for the Transformers Club items until we reach 90% off before the end of they year. This is basically a "Going out of Business Sale".

Anyone can order from the Toyarama (https://www.toyarama.com/store/transformers-featured-products-c11.php?template_package=transformers) (TCC store) now. You just need a different email than your G.I. Joe Club Membership. If you did not have a membership or you had lapsed many years ago, just put the Toyarama Store Account in your cart (no charge) and the store will let you establish an account and order. You can find this item under the Membership tab.
You only have to do this once.

Thanks for your support!

10-02-2017, 04:57 PM
Any mockups of rock & roll or heartwrencher in the very near future?

10-07-2017, 05:48 AM
Dear Admin,

After reading the "Brian's Intel," section of the new club magazine, I must ask, might we be sleeping off Thanksgiving Turkey, staying home on Black Friday to order and stare at images of FSS 7.0 on our computer screens?

10-07-2017, 11:09 AM
I read registration for Joecon is next month will we be getting any hints or clues towards what the set will be? And what about updated info the Heartwrencher stinger combo ?

10-07-2017, 12:37 PM
I read registration for Joecon is next month will we be getting any hints or clues towards what the set will be? And what about updated info the Heartwrencher stinger combo ?

Whoa. Where was it announced that Con registration would be next month? That is asking for too much money over a short period of time considering that FSS 7 is starting in the fall, FSS 6 payment #2 and Heatwrencher preorder.

Why would Con registration start so early?

10-07-2017, 12:58 PM
I think in another thread FunPubAdmin stated that Registration was NOT starting next month but would in January (6 months out from the Convention)

10-07-2017, 04:44 PM
think you just did. FSS 6 probably early December...maybe earlier, JoeCon January. FSS 7 later this fall. Don't have exact dates because of file prep and mfg/shippingschedules are in flux.
Posted by staff
Nope. Nobody said Nov. It's 6 months out. Jan.

10-08-2017, 11:45 AM
I thought I read it in September updates but obviously I was wrong. Still what about clues about the set, I don't know about anyone else but I would love to know or have some ideas about what the final set is before I totally commit to going to the con or just stay home and get the homefront.

10-11-2017, 11:32 AM
Any word on when we will see mockups of Heartwrencher/Dreadnok Vehicle and Rock n' Roll v2?

10-14-2017, 08:27 AM
T minus seven weeks and counting until the "later this fall," deadline of the FSS 7 reveal occurs. This countdown is derived from December 1st being recognized as the official first day of winter. But please don't make us wait that long. Yo Joe!

10-15-2017, 08:44 AM
Seems like we're already fairly deep into "Fall." Honestly expected to at least have a look at Heartwrencher and Rock n' Roll by now and be well into the reveals for FSS 7. There's only so much time left...

10-15-2017, 02:41 PM
Suspense is building that's for sure. But with the way it was worded in the most recent Club magazine, I just don't think it'll happen until November. I hope I'm wrong, but that's the feeling I got from the October Magazine issue

10-23-2017, 10:52 AM
Hi Guys,

As you know, we are working on multiple back-to-back projects. Check out your GIJCC magazine for the first previews of our 2018 Membership incentive figures. The Oct. issue has the 12-inch "As Seen on TV" figure and the Nov. issue will showcase the Photoshop mock-up of our 3 3/4-inch Rock 'N Roll (v2) exclusive figure.

Also, we have seen a test sample of the Dreadnok Ground Assault with Heartwrencher and will preview this set as soon as we have an approved production sample.

10-23-2017, 01:28 PM
Cool! Any word on a Night Stalkers 3 pack?

10-23-2017, 03:28 PM
New hotel block for GIJoeCon at the Staybridge Hotel. It's about a block further to the con site than the Marriott. Really close.

Reservations can be made for the GI Joe Collectors Club by calling the hotel direct at 423-267-0900, or through the Central Reservations System at 800-238-8000.

Also, we have added a second room rate at the Staybridge... 2-Double Beds $154, 1 Queen with sleeper sofa $144.

10-31-2017, 03:18 PM
FSS 7.0 order period has started as promised. Once the order period has concluded, we will have the final samples of Heartwrencher and Vehicle to show. Same with Rock 'N Roll.

11-03-2017, 02:05 PM
Is this the last Fss or will we get FSS 8 before the end of 2018?

11-03-2017, 02:30 PM
That is pending approval.