View Full Version : Evy aka Range-Viper3 must have a figure made!

08-26-2016, 09:34 PM

Evy aka Range-Viper3 from DIC G.I. Joe episode "I Found You...Evy" is a must for a action figure since there's already going to be a FSS 5 Ambush coming soon.

08-27-2016, 09:27 AM
I'd rather have Mara or Raven first...

08-28-2016, 02:57 PM
Mara and Raven are def a must for figure made. Evy is still a must. Don't forget Firewall Devil's Due version as well as Mayday, Mistress Armada and G.I. Jane.

08-28-2016, 04:36 PM
Haven't forgot them. If you go to the Red Shadows/ BF 2000 thread you can see I suggested slipping Firewall in with BF 2.0 ( since 2000 came and went)

08-28-2016, 11:24 PM
Send in the link so I can post the ideas of what character deserve to have their figure made into modern design.

08-29-2016, 11:47 AM
Here is the Battle Force 2.0 vs Red Shadows thread (http://www.gijoeclub.com/forums/showthread.php?1069-Battle-Force-2000-vs-Red-Shadows-anyone)
There really is only one space for an "outside character" so I suggested Firewall...

Obviously with a retconed history to fit into Battle Force 2000 and completely away from the DDP origin since that continuity is disavowed for a reason...

09-02-2016, 09:57 AM
Evy or Raven would be great membership incentives.

09-02-2016, 10:02 AM
Pass. Just not something I'm interested in when there are so many female characters from the original Marvel comics series and the Sunbow TV show we haven't gotten an ME version of yet.

09-02-2016, 10:44 AM
I agree, I don't care for this character and I really don't think to many people actually really want DIC's GI Joe cartoon characters since the show was so awful... even trying to watch it as an adult for nostalgic purposes it is bad...

09-02-2016, 04:11 PM
I would pass on this and other characters that only existed for 1 or 2 episodes (or comic issues) also. I think membership figures really should try to have the broadest appeal possible (since EVERY member gets at least one) and a figure from one DiC episode probably wouldn't be a hit with enough people.