View Full Version : GIJCC: Figure Subscription Service (FSS) 5.0 Update!

08-26-2016, 01:25 PM

Hello Club Members,

We really appreciate your feedback and enthusiasm over the FSS 5.0 reveals!

Our primary goal is to offer new figures and keep the service affordable. This means we must use a lot of existing molds. We take into account your requests and suggestions, however, keep in mind that tooling availability and budget constraints can keep some figures from ever getting into the line up.

Our access to figure parts and/or accessories is not unlimited and some molds have been lost or could be at a factory we cannot use. In addition, not all modern era figure part combinations work together without some modification (which increases the project timeline and cost, because it means building a new tool/mold). And finally, we must use parts that are available from the primary factory at the time of production that do not conflict with other ongoing projects.

We've taken note of your concerns and we are always working on ways to make sure you get the product you want to add to your modern era G.I. Joe collection.

For Salvo, we tried many different combinations rather than a straight up repaint. After reviewing some of your suggestions, we've selected another option to show you a new figure build before we have final feedback on tool availability. So, keep your fingers crossed!

Check out all 12 figure previews and make sure you subscribe by the September 2nd deadline!

Thanks for your support!