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Hasbro International G.I. Joe Collectors’ Convention

Embassy Suites Dallas-Frisco/Hotel & Convention Center
7600 John Q. Hammons Drive
Frisco, Texas USA 75034

UPDATED 07/09/08:
See yourself on G4TV tomorrow night (Thursday 7/10), as the Cobra Commander
segment taped at the JoeCon Dinner is scheduled to air on G4: Attack of the Show!

UPDATED 06/27/08:
Check out the "Live" Section to see pics from JoeCon!

UPDATED 06/26/08:
A sneak preview of the JoeCon 3 3/4" Souvenirs is up...Click Here!

UPDATED 06/17/08:
A sneak preview of the JoeCon comic is now up in the 3 3/4" preview
section...Click Here!

UPDATED 06/22/08:
Listen to the JoeCon08 Dallas radio commercial...

UPDATED 06/16/08:
The Schedule of Events for JoeCon are now online...Click Here!

UPDATED 06/13/08:
Today is the LAST Day for JoeCon Pre-registration!

After today, you can still come to late registration at JoeCon (9:30 am Friday morning)
and of course you can attend Saturday and Sunday as general admission, BUT...

To get the FULL JoeCon experience, you really should register and attend the
Friday sales room preview AND the Saturday night Awards Party and Casino Night.

If you are unable to attend, non-attendee packages are available.
Download and FAX the registration form, make sure to check the
NON-ATTENDING option on that form.

See you at JoeCon in two weeks!

UPDATED 06/11/08:
Check out the video below previewing the mini-comic that comes with
the 12" Boxed JoeCon figure set - "Search for the Sasquatch"!

UPDATED 06/10/08:
Download this JoeCon08 promotional ad for your desktop...Click Here!

UPDATED 06/02/08:
See MORE preview pics from this year's awesome 12" figure set...Click Here!
AND see first image of the AT BASE CAMP Souvenir Set...Here!

UPDATED 05/27/08:
Check out the new preview pics from this year's awesome 12" figure set...Click Here!

UPDATED 05/20/08:
Contest Guidelines and Judging Criteria has been added to the menu!

UPDATED 05/19/08:
Image for The Headhunter B.A.T. and filecard have been added to the
3 3/4" Set Preview Page...Click Here!

UPDATED 05/16/08:
There is a new preview image from the 2008 12" set...Click Here!

UPDATED 05/13/08:
Added 2008 JoeCon Special Guests page...Click Here!

The filecard image for The Headhunter Stormtroopers has been added to the
3 3/4" Set Preview Page...Click Here!
A new accessory preview pic from the 12" set is also up...Click Here!

UPDATED 05/12/08:
The filecard image for The Headhunter Guards has been added to the 3 3/4" Set Preview Page...
Click Here!
The preview of accessory items from the 12" set has also begun...Click Here!

UPDATED 05/09/08:
The filecard image for Gristle has been added to the 3 3/4" Set Preview Page...
Click Here!

UPDATED 05/08/08:
Here is a Super Shuttle coupon for Convention Attendees that are flying into Dallas...
See Coupon!

UPDATED 05/05/08:
The preview pic of the Headhunter Stormtooper from the 2008 3 3/4" Boxed Set is up...
Click Here!

UPDATED 05/02/08:
The box art for the 2008 12 " Boxed Figure Set is now up...
Click Here!

UPDATED 05/01/08:
Check out the box art for the 2008 3 3/4" Boxed Figure Set...
Click Here!

UPDATED 04/08/08:
Today we reveal another figure from the 2008 3 3/4" Boxed Figure Set!
Click Here to check him out!

UPDATED 04/01/08:
The preview of the JoeCon 2008 3 3/4" Boxed Figure Set
begins online...Click Here!

UPDATED 03/25/08:
The 2008 JoeCon Convention Brochure is now available...Click Here!

On 3/26/08 we will start a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section.
You can submit your questions HERE and we will provide answers for
all to see. Then in a couple of days, we will put the registration forms online.

Please note that you need to read the brochure and FAQ's BEFORE you
send in your paperwork. Correct forms will be processed first. Forms with errors
will be put at the bottom of the stack and worked when we run out of correct forms.
By sending in forms with errors, you stand the chance of missing some of the items you want!
Please print or type your information and use black ink if you are faxing. Also, make sure
you fax your form with the correct side down. We always get a few blanks each year
(faxed wrong side down) and we have no way to know who they came from.

See you in Dallas!

UPDATED 02/06/08:
Hotel Registration and information is now available...Click Here!

Sponsored by Hasbro & the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club

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