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JoeCon 2008 Special Guests!


Law & Order

Kirk Bozigian was the G.I. Joe Product Manager for the Real American Hero line of toys when it started. Kirk’s job back in 1982 was to bring this new action figure concept to market. If you want to hear the early details, Kirk is your man! Kirk was also immortalized as the face of LAW in the G.I. Joe line! Don’t miss this chance to meet him and hear his stories in person.

Dusty Rudat

Ron Rudat started working for Hasbro Toys in 1971 in the Art Department. He worked for Hasbro
for 28 years designing toys for various product lines including G.I. Joe. In the ‘70s he worked on
package design illustrations for accessories and instructional line art for the Adventure Team Figures.

In 1980 Hasbro started work on their "new" 3 3/4" Real American Hero - G.I. Joe and it became Ron's "tough assignment" to design these new figures. Ron continued designing figures through the 1987 assortment. In addition, he designed accessories, vehicles, weapons, and many of the logos. Ron is the designer who created the famous Cobra Logo! Don't miss meeting him at the show where he will have concept art, original drawings and much, much more!

Dave Dorman

Dave Dorman began working with the Hasbro R&D department in the mid 1980's. He was hired as a freelance artist to produce presentation paintings for their designers. These paintings were never published outside of Hasbro as they were for internal use only. Dorman produced over 100 paintings during the 1980s/1990s of our Real American Hero.

Today, Dave continues to produce art for many different companies including Hasbro licensees. His work can be seen on boxes, promotional art, and in product designs. He painted this year's Search for the Sasquatch box art!

Don't miss the opportunity to meet Dave and see for the first time quite a number of his "lost" G.I. Joe art pieces. Also, get your box signed while you are at the show!

Meet these Special Guests Live & in Person at the Show!


Sponsored by Hasbro & the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club

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