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2008 Hasbro International G.I. Joe Collectors’ Convention


Please read below, or to submit a question...Click Here!


  Q: When is the deadline for signing up to be a registered attendee?
Answer: To pre-register with a check, we must have your forms and payment by May 23. To pre-register with a credit card, we must have your form and payment by June 13. After June 13, you will need to come to late registration on Friday morning at 9:30 with a credit card, travelers checks or cash.

  Q: When is the parachute drop?
Answer: It is currently scheduled for 10:30 am on Friday (6/27).

  Q: Can I purchase the convention exclusive souvenir items on Thursday and Friday?
Answer: Yes, but you must be a registered attendee and have your JoeCon badge!


  Q: Is the customizing class for 12" or 3 3/4" figures?
Answer: This is a 3 3/4" Customizing Class.

  Q: Do the first 100 paid orders get a free Joe-sized leather jacket with Convetion logo?
Answer: Yes, the first 100 will get either the limited-edition 12" figure jacket or a 3 3/4" logo pin.


  Q: Is there a way to reserve all the RAH exclusives before the con or do we have to be there to make sure we get them all?
Answer: You can only order the boxed sets through registration. Any souvenir items will be sold at the convention store first and IF there are any left, they will be put into our online store after the event.

  Q: How do I order the "Homefront Heroes Package"?
Answer: You use the same Convention Regitration form as attendees - click here.

  Q: I am trying to schedule my flights, what is the last event on Sunday?
Answer: The drawing for the free trips to the 2009 event (must be present to win) is at 3:00 on Sunday.

  Q: When is the earliest time attendees can pick up their items if they are not going on any of the tours?
Answer: Registration pickup starts on Thursday (6/26) at 6 PM..


  Q: How many extra items will be available at the convention for the 3 3/4" RAH and 12"AT sets?
Answer: These will be announced at the convention...

  Q: Can you give us details on the covention comic, such as writer and artist?
Answer: All in due time.....

  Q: Can we put our credit card information on the form and fax it or send through the mail?
Answer: We accept by Fax or mail. Your option.

  Q: In the RAH set, are the Headhunters the original figures or new ones?
Answer: Can't answer specific figure questions yet. All in due time....

  Q: Will the 3 3/4"RAH convention set use new 25th anniversary figures or the original O-ring molds?
Answer: Original 80's-90's era figures with O-rings.

Sponsored by Hasbro & the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club

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