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JoeCon 2008 12" Figure Set Preview!


This year's fantastic 12" set features the amazing art of DAVE DORMAN! You've
seem his work for Indiana Jones and Star Wars. Now Mr. Dorman brings his unique
artistic vision to bear on the Adventure Team!


When the lid is lifted off the amazing 200 set is revealed! The collector friendly package
allows the set to be removed for display and then neatly placed back in the foam insert
exactly as it was providing years of enjoyment for the G.I. Joe collector!

Here at long last is the Sasquatch from the 2008 12" set - Search for the Sasquatch!

This the jumpsuit for the Super Artculated Air Adventurer that comes with
the 2008 12" set - Search for the Sasquatch!


This is the all new shoulder bag with silkscreened AT logo from the 2008 set!


Here is a preview image of the Capture Bazooka with Net Capsule prototypes from the
2008 set! (Please note: the capsules fit the bazooka barrel, but the bazooka does not fire.)


This is more of the gear included in the 2008 set!

This is the dressed out Air Adventurer with the first look at his Jet Pack!
Check out the closeup below!


Shown here is the HUGE weighted capture net that comes with the 2008 set!
The capture bazooka and net capsules are shown for scale.


This is the BASE CAMP SET displayed with the SEARCH FOR THE SASQUATCH set!

Check the video previewing the mini-comic that come with the boxed set!

Keep watching for more Figure Preview Updates


Sponsored by Hasbro & the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club

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